Ch 51: Earth Patterns, Cycles & Change

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to awaken your memories about Earth patterns, cycles, and change. Our instructors have designed the lessons in this chapter specifically to help you review scientific keywords and other Earth-related concepts.

Earth Patterns, Cycles & Change - Chapter Summary

The information in this chapter will help you go the terminology for major scientific processes that occur on our planet. Examine the lessons to get reacquainted with various topics including:

  • The impact of planetary rotation and revolution
  • Stages of the water cycle
  • Water and the carbon cycle
  • Fossil fuels, acid rain, and the nitrogen cycle
  • Earth-changing processes and phenomena
  • Climate change

This chapter has been created specifically to help users who are a little rusty on this information about the patterns, cycles, and changes of the Earth. Each lesson gives you a focused recap, which allows you to get up to speed on concepts you haven't reviewed in a while.

You can make the choice to review every lesson in the chapter or touch on only a few of them. Each lesson stays focused on a single major topic, and the lessons are labeled accordingly for your convenience. Therefore, you can scroll through the chapter menu and pick the lessons you want to go over. As each lesson can stand alone, you can view them in any order you wish. Furthermore, you can revisit lessons as many times as it takes for you to feel like you have mastered the materials.

6 Lessons in Chapter 51: Earth Patterns, Cycles & Change
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Effects of the Earth's Rotation & Revolution

1. Effects of the Earth's Rotation & Revolution

This lesson explores the factors that influence seasons, daylight, and temperatures on our planet, including rotation and radiation. At the end, you can test your knowledge with a brief quiz.

The Water Cycle: Precipitation, Condensation, and Evaporation

2. The Water Cycle: Precipitation, Condensation, and Evaporation

This lesson discusses the processes water takes as it moves around the Earth in the water cycle. You'll get an in-depth look at condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.

What Is the Role of Water in the Carbon Cycle?

3. What Is the Role of Water in the Carbon Cycle?

In this lesson, we'll go over the basics of the carbon cycle, then we'll examine the role water plays. We'll look at the role of both oceans and precipitation.

The Nitrogen Cycle, Acid Rain and Fossil Fuels

4. The Nitrogen Cycle, Acid Rain and Fossil Fuels

Do you know the difference between nitrite and nitrate? Do you have any clue how all the nitrogen in the atmosphere becomes usable? If you can't answer these questions, then you need to watch this lesson on the nitrogen cycle.

The Changing Earth: Volcanoes, Weathering & Deposition

5. The Changing Earth: Volcanoes, Weathering & Deposition

While we may not see it every day, the world is always changing. In this lesson, with the help of an ill-informed tour guide, we will see how volcanoes, weathering, and deposition work to continually change the surface of our planet.

Factors Involved in Climate Change

6. Factors Involved in Climate Change

Our Earth's climate has changed many times in her 4.5 billion year lifetime. Discover the multiple factors that influence these changes and test your understanding with a short quiz.

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