Ch 13: Earth & Planet Atmospheres Lesson Plans

About This Chapter

The Earth & Planet Atmospheres chapter of this course is designed to help you plan and teach about the different atmospheric compositions of Earth and other planets in your classroom. The video lessons, quizzes and transcripts can easily be adapted to provide your lesson plans with engaging and dynamic educational content. Make planning your course easier by using our syllabus as a guide.

Weekly Syllabus

Below is a sample breakdown of the Earth & Planet Atmospheres chapter into a 5-day school week. Based on the pace of your course, you may need to adapt the lesson plan to fit your needs.

Day Topics Key Terms and Concepts Covered
Monday Atmospheric gas Thermal escape, permanent loss processes, and the processes involved in the loss or gain of atmospheric gases
Tuesday Earth's atmosphere Outgassed, photosynthesis, air, ozone layer, atmospheric evolution, impacts of pollution, UV radiation, and carbon dioxide
Wednesday Mars: Atmosphere and the surface Dry ice, shield volcanoes, water on Mars, atmospheric composition, life on Mars, Mariner Valley, and crust composition
Thursday Venus: Atmosphere and the surface Greenhouse effect, lack of plate tectonics, Venus's subsurface, high carbon dioxide levels, extreme temperatures, and dangerous atmospheric chemicals
Friday Mercury: Atmosphere and the surface Lobate scarps, radius, differentiation, thin atmosphere, and the vast range of temperature variation

5 Lessons in Chapter 13: Earth & Planet Atmospheres Lesson Plans
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The Gain or Loss of Atmospheric Gas

1. The Gain or Loss of Atmospheric Gas

This lesson will discuss how a planet's atmosphere is formed, how it is shaped by the planet's characteristics, and how it evolves with time. Afterwards, you can take a short quiz to test your knowledge of planetary atmospheres.

The Atmosphere on Earth

2. The Atmosphere on Earth

This lesson describes the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, from its ancient past to the present day to how it's being changed by humans today. You'll learn about how outgassing, photosynthesis, and oceans all played a role in its formation, what air is composed of, and the real effect of human pollution on our changing atmosphere.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

3. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

One little mistranslation spawned generations worth of theories about life on Mars. But is there any real evidence for the possibility of life on Mars? What is the Martian atmosphere and surface really like? Can it support life? Find out in this lesson.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

4. The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

This lesson will discuss the terrible atmosphere located on Venus, as well as its surface features and how the planet differs from Earth's geologic processes.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

5. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

This lesson will describe the planet Mercury's surface components and how they came to be as the planet formed. It will also go into the planet's interior and atmosphere.

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