Ch 8: Earthquakes & Volcanoes Overview

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This comprehensive overview of earthquakes and volcanoes can simplify the process of studying for an upcoming test. Enjoy access to fun lessons, short quizzes and a practice exam that can boost your knowledge of the impacts of these natural events before the day of your test.

Earthquakes & Volcanoes Overview - Chapter Summary

If you are looking for a resource that can strengthen your understanding of earthquakes and volcanoes, this entertaining chapter can help! Explore a variety of informative lessons that cover volcanic eruptions, the Richter scale, earthquake destruction and more. Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • Explain how volcanoes and earthquakes offer evidence of Earth's inner layers
  • Detail how earthquakes are measured using the Richter scale
  • List types of damage caused by earthquakes
  • Describe the gases released and effects of volcanic eruptions
  • Define and discuss the uses and effects of volcanic ash

This chapter offers a unique opportunity to learn from top instructors without the time restrictions associated with scheduled classes or tutoring sessions, thanks to around-the-clock online access to the lessons. Study earthquakes and volcanoes at the pace that works for you, and find out how much you understand about these natural events by taking mini-quizzes as well as a practice exam. If you develop questions while exploring the lessons, feel free to submit them to our subject-matter experts. Utilizing these resources can ensure you're ready to take your assessment.

5 Lessons in Chapter 8: Earthquakes & Volcanoes Overview
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Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Evidence of Earth's Inner Layers

1. Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Evidence of Earth's Inner Layers

The interior layers of the earth are not able to be observed directly, so scientists need to rely on other information to learn about it. S waves, P waves, and magma from volcanoes and earthquakes give a glimpse at the layers of the earth by providing data that can be built into a model of the earth.

Using the Richter Scale to Measure Earthquakes

2. Using the Richter Scale to Measure Earthquakes

In this video lesson, you will learn about earthquake magnitude and how it is measured. You will also learn how that relates to the amount of energy released during an earthquake, as well as how common different magnitude earthquakes are around the world.

Destruction Caused by Earthquakes

3. Destruction Caused by Earthquakes

Earthquakes are well-known for their damage and destruction, and in this video lesson you will learn about the different types of damage that these dangerous natural disasters can cause.

Volcanic Eruption: Gases Released & Their Effects

4. Volcanic Eruption: Gases Released & Their Effects

Volcanic eruptions emit water vapor and toxic gases into the atmosphere. Learn about the gases emitted from an erupting volcano, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide and their effects in this video lesson.

What is Volcanic Ash? - Definition, Uses & Effects

5. What is Volcanic Ash? - Definition, Uses & Effects

In this lesson, we'll cover what volcanic ash is and how it's made. We will also go over uses for volcanic ash, as well as the positive and negative effects of this substance.

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