Ch 17: Earth's Fresh Water

About This Chapter

Use these lessons and quizzes to refresh your knowledge of the earth's fresh water and rediscover how it helps to shape the landscape. Get facts on wetlands, stream valleys and the physical aspects of the Great Lakes.

Earth's Fresh Water - Chapter Summary

In this chapter's lessons, our instructors talk about fresh water on Earth and the ways in which its movement affects the planet's surface. You'll get information on drainage basins and types of streamflows. The information provided in these lessons should enable you to:

  • Identify the physical characteristics of the Great Lakes
  • Define watersheds and explain why they should be protected
  • Explain the main features of rivers
  • Understand the formation of lakes and ponds
  • Discuss aquatic ecosystems

You can review these lessons on a computer or mobile device whenever it's convenient. The quizzes that follow them let you assess your knowledge and determine whether you need further review.

8 Lessons in Chapter 17: Earth's Fresh Water
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What is a Watershed? - Definition, Facts & Protection

1. What is a Watershed? - Definition, Facts & Protection

Have you ever wondered what happens to rain after it hits the ground? In this lesson, we will trace the amazing journey a raindrop takes after it falls on land. You will learn a definition of a watershed and explore examples of how watersheds are protected.

Drainage Basins: Definition & Characteristics

2. Drainage Basins: Definition & Characteristics

Do you know where the water in your area flows? In this lesson, we will explore the system of drainage basins and how they help develop river systems. We will also investigate some extreme examples of drainage basins.

Rivers: Definition & Explanation

3. Rivers: Definition & Explanation

Explore rivers and how they develop from small streams to swiftly flowing rapids. Learn about how rivers shape the land around them, creating canyons, flood plains and deltas.

Lakes & Ponds: Formation & Features

4. Lakes & Ponds: Formation & Features

After reading this lesson, you'll see just how similar lakes and ponds are along with what differentiates them. You'll now be able to tell your friend whether the body of water in his backyard is a lake or a pond.

Aquatic Ecosystems & Abiotic Factors

5. Aquatic Ecosystems & Abiotic Factors

In this lesson, you will learn what aquatic ecosystems are. You will also learn about the abiotic factors that affect them, from light levels, to flow rate, to salinity.

Laminar & Turbulent Streamflows

6. Laminar & Turbulent Streamflows

Streams come in many different shapes and sizes. They can also vary in speed and direction of flow. In this lesson, we will explore two different ways that water can flow through a stream.

How Rivers and Streams Affect the Earth's Surface

7. How Rivers and Streams Affect the Earth's Surface

Rivers and streams are powerful, ever-changing systems that can alter the surface of the Earth. While they share many similar features, they can be vastly different. In this lesson, we will learn how rivers and streams form, transport sediment, and flood.

Physical Characteristics of the Great Lakes

8. Physical Characteristics of the Great Lakes

What makes the Great Lakes so great? Learn about the lakes' defining physical features and characteristics, and why they're so important to us. Find out how great you were at picking up this knowledge with a quiz.

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