Ch 8: Eastern Religions

About This Chapter

Improve your knowledge of Eastern religions with this comprehensive online chapter. These informative lessons can benefit anyone who needs to study Eastern religions for exams, projects, class assignments and homework.

Eastern Religions - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides a high-level overview of Eastern religions, such as Caodaism, Tenrikyo, Mohism and Falun Gong. Our simple and informative lessons show you everything you need to know about the characteristics of these particular religions, and you can solidify your understanding of the material with the chapter's self-assessments. Revisit these resources whenever you need to brush up on your Eastern religion knowledge. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to discuss the histories, beliefs, teachings, symbols and practices of the following Eastern religions:

  • Falun Gong
  • Korean Shamanism
  • Caodaism
  • Tenrikyo
  • Tengriism
  • The Yazidi religion
  • The Bhakti movement
  • Mohism

7 Lessons in Chapter 8: Eastern Religions
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Falun Gong: Definition, History & Beliefs

1. Falun Gong: Definition, History & Beliefs

Falun Gong is a practice based on truth, compassion, and forbearance. This lesson goes into the evolution of this modern movement in China as well as some interesting facts about its history and beliefs.

Falun Gong: Persecution, Propaganda & Controversy

2. Falun Gong: Persecution, Propaganda & Controversy

Falun Gong is a Chinese practice of martial arts and spiritual discipline that is centered on peace and self-improvement. So why did the Chinese government viciously crack down on it?

Caodaism: Beliefs & Rituals

3. Caodaism: Beliefs & Rituals

Caodaism can be described as the melting pot of the world's religions. It started in Vietnam and has grown into its third largest organized religion. This lesson reviews its major beliefs and rituals.

Tenrikyo: Beliefs, Rituals & Facts

4. Tenrikyo: Beliefs, Rituals & Facts

Tenrikyo is considered one of Japan's new religions. It is officially recognized as a Shinto sect. This lesson reviews its basic beliefs, rituals and facts.

Yazidi Religion: People, Beliefs & Practices

5. Yazidi Religion: People, Beliefs & Practices

The people, beliefs and practices of the Yazidis faith will be explained in this article. Ever hear of the Peacock Angel? Well that is one of this faith's primary deities, but you'll have to read on to find out how.

Mohism: Beliefs & Teachings

6. Mohism: Beliefs & Teachings

This lesson goes over some of the core teachings and beliefs behind a philosophy known as Mohism. You'll also learn a bit about how this philosophy arose.

Mohism: Definition & Quotes

7. Mohism: Definition & Quotes

This lesson goes over a Chinese philosophy known as Mohism. You'll learn its definition, a bit about its history, as well as some of its beliefs in relation to a few quotes.

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