Ch 43: Effective Teaching & Teacher Reflection

About This Chapter

Learn more about effective teaching and teacher reflection by reviewing the short lessons in this chapter. These lessons can help you gain greater insight into tools for teachers, collaboration and more.

Effective Teaching & Teacher Reflection - Chapter Summary

Feel confident that you understand the importance of teacher reflection and how to teach effectively by taking advantage of resources in this chapter. Lessons enable you to get reacquainted with reflection, collaboration and other teaching strategies. After reviewing the lessons, you will be ready for the following:

  • Describing the qualities of an effective teacher
  • Defining and sharing methods of reflective teaching
  • Identifying things teachers should reflect on each lesson, day and year
  • Listing tools teachers can use to assist in reflection
  • Defining and understanding examples of reflection questions
  • Discussing ways teachers can use collaboration to reflect

Enjoy the ability to boost your knowledge of effective teaching and teacher reflection at your own pace. Access lessons any time, day or night, and as often as you desire. Revisit them until you're sure you've fully absorbed the materials. Assess your understanding of each lesson by taking its accompanying quiz. A chapter exam is also available to reinforce concepts explored in the lessons.

5 Lessons in Chapter 43: Effective Teaching & Teacher Reflection
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Becoming an Effective Teacher

1. Becoming an Effective Teacher

Understanding the principles and theories of educational psychology is essential for teachers but simply understanding is not enough. Future teachers must embrace sound educational principles and seek opportunities for growth throughout their careers. This lesson will focus on the qualities of an effective teacher, including pedagogical content knowledge awareness, reflective teaching and action research.

What is Reflective Teaching? - Definition & Methods

2. What is Reflective Teaching? - Definition & Methods

Find out what reflective teaching is and how to apply it in your teaching practice. Learn basic methods of reflective teaching. Read the lesson, then take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Reflection Elements & Tools for Teachers

3. Reflection Elements & Tools for Teachers

In this lesson, we'll identify and analyze various methods for using reflection as a professional development tool for teachers, including reflective journaling, incident analysis, peer observation, and critical friends groups.

Reflection Questions: Definition and Examples

4. Reflection Questions: Definition and Examples

Reflecting on learning is one of the best ways to consolidate skills and knowledge that a student has acquired. In this lesson, you will learn what makes a good reflection question, and you will see some examples of how a reflection question might look.

Collaboration as a Reflective Practice for Teachers

5. Collaboration as a Reflective Practice for Teachers

Have you ever felt isolated as a teacher and thought about collaboration? In this lesson, we will discuss some different forms of collaborative, reflective professional development for educators that allow teachers to learn from one another and view their own instructional practices in a more objective way.

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