Ch 2: Effective Team Conflict Resolution

About This Chapter

Workplace conflict is inevitable, but resolving it is not impossible. Assign the interesting videos in this chapter to your employees and management to help build strong awareness of effective conflict resolution strategies to minimize the impact of conflict to productivity.

Effective Team Conflict Resolution - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our expert business instructors will walk your employees through time-proven methods for resolving conflict in the workplace. Including this chapter in your corporate training program can help build resilient teams who work together and reject the negative influence of interpersonal conflict. The content included here describes:

  • The conflict process
  • Methods for resolving conflict as a team
  • Team-centric approaches to conflict management
  • Team mediation techniques
  • The negotiation process

These lessons succinctly describe conflict from its advent to resolution, giving your employees ample resources to reduce conflict between themselves and others. The videos are short, minimizing the impact to your employees' time while maximizing positive workplace impact. Use the lesson quizzes as talking points in group discussion and check understanding with the chapter test.

How It Helps

  • Builds competence: Your managers and employees will be able to quickly identify and neutralize conflict wherever it pops up.
  • Increases cooperation: Defeating workplace conflict produces near-tangible results in the office environment as employees work through their individual and mutual disagreements.
  • Maximizes satisfaction: Happy employees are productive employees, so giving them the tools to ensure team cohesion and interdependence will produce positive effects across the organization.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, employees will be able to:

  • Describe the conflict process by steps and outcomes
  • Implement conflict resolution strategies within their team
  • Reduce the incidence of conflict with proactive management techniques
  • Explain the various means of conflict resolution and their pros/cons
  • Identify the usefulness of team mediation to conflict resolution
  • Negotiate positive outcomes to unavoidable conflict

7 Lessons in Chapter 2: Effective Team Conflict Resolution
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What is the Conflict Process? - Definition and Stages

1. What is the Conflict Process? - Definition and Stages

The conflict process deals with five steps that help alleviate disagreement, problems or fighting within organizations. The five steps are potential opposition or incompatibility, cognition and personalization, intentions, behavior and outcomes.

How to Effectively Resolve Conflict as a Team

2. How to Effectively Resolve Conflict as a Team

At some point, every work team will experience disagreement. If not handled appropriately, disputes can quickly turn to conflict. The good news is there are steps the team can take to resolve issues quickly.

Strategies for Managing Work Conflict as a Team

3. Strategies for Managing Work Conflict as a Team

Teams are everywhere, in our personal lives and in the business world. All teams experience conflict, but that conflict doesn't have to have a negative impact on the work the team is doing. This lesson explores ways to encourage healthy conflict within a team while also addressing and resolving conflict.

Conflict Resolution: Managing Conflict in Organizations

4. Conflict Resolution: Managing Conflict in Organizations

Conflict can be solved in many ways. This lesson provides an overview of the different types of conflict resolution strategies, including avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, and collaboration.

Practical Application: Conflict Resolution for Team Leaders

5. Practical Application: Conflict Resolution for Team Leaders

Team leaders often find themselves in the midst of workplace conflicts. Handling those is critical for a successful environment. In this activity, you'll find three scenarios, you need to solve, with leadership and communication skills.

The Benefits of Team Mediation Techniques

6. The Benefits of Team Mediation Techniques

In this lesson, we'll learn what team mediation is and discuss some benefits of team mediation techniques. Team mediation can be good for both a company and its team members.

What is Negotiation? - The Five Steps of the Negotiation Process

7. What is Negotiation? - The Five Steps of the Negotiation Process

Companies have to negotiate in numerous areas of organizational conflict. Negotiation is an open process for two parties to find an acceptable solution to a complicated conflict. There are five steps to the negotiation process.

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