Ch 2: Unrest in Vietnam During the Eisenhower Years

About This Chapter

Watch engaging and comprehensive online video lessons and learn how the Vietnamese conflict in Southeast Asia continued to escalate throughout the 1950s.

The Eisenhower Years (1953 - 1960) - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The Vietnam War was a lengthy conflict between communist and anti-communist forces in Southeast Asia that started in 1956 and ended nearly 20 years later in 1975. In this chapter, you'll be introduced to President Eisenhower's famous domino theory and find out how concerns about the spread of communism shaped U.S. foreign policy towards the former French colony. The Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty (ANZUS) and South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) will be discussed, including their relevance to potential conflicts in the Pacific.

As the chapter progresses, you'll meet Ngo Dinh Diem, the first president of South Vietnam, and examine his relationship with the Eisenhower administration. You'll also find out what was so important about the Ho Chi Minh Trail, an operational system that ran between North and South Vietnam. The establishment of the Viet Cong, a military and political organization, will be covered, including their impact on the escalating conflict. When you've finished watching the video lessons, you should have an understanding of the following:

  • The containment and domino theories and their effect on U.S. policies in Southeast Asia
  • President Ngo Dinh Diem's political relationship with President Eisenhower and the United States
  • The strategic importance of the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • The Viet Cong's role in the early stages of the Vietnam War

Eisenhower's Foreign Policy in Southeast AsiaDefine President Eisenhower's 'Domino Theory.' Discuss his endorsement of the ANZUS agreement and SEATO, as well as his support of the U.S. containment policy. Analyze the events that took place in Laos during the 1950s.
The Rise of Ngo Dinh DiemExamine the personal and political origins of Diem and his rise to power. Demonstrate your understanding of his relationship with the United States, as well as his strategies for combating the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.
North Vietnam Mobilizes for WarDiscuss the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the birth of the National Liberation Front (Viet Cong), including its early guerrilla strikes on the South Vietnamese.

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