Ch 15: Elimination Overview for Nurses

About This Chapter

The fun and engaging video lessons in this self-paced chapter can simplify the process of studying for an exam that covers elimination basics for nurses. Use these lessons to boost your comprehension of elimination, and take short quizzes to check your understanding before taking your exam.

Elimination Overview for Nurses - Chapter Summary

This overview makes it easy to comprehend health maintenance and restoration through elimination, as studied in the nursing field. Get in touch with the specifics of this subject by reviewing lessons that examine constipation, diarrhea, bowel elimination and much more. Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • Describe the physiological process of bowel elimination
  • Define and list causes of constipation, fecal inconsistence, flatulence and diarrhea
  • List and discuss factors that influence bowel elimination
  • Detail the processes of assessing bowel integrity and bowel function
  • Identify and describe agents commonly used to promote bowel elimination
  • Discuss a nursing case study that focuses on how nurses address bowel elimination issues

To get started with this chapter, choose and review your first lesson then scroll along the right-hand sidebar to select others in any sequence. Before, during or after examining your chosen lessons, feel free to assess your comprehension of their contents by taking multiple-choice quizzes. Any questions that arise during your review of this chapter can easily be submitted to our experts via the Dashboard. Check your overall understanding of elimination for nurses by taking the practice chapter exam.

10 Lessons in Chapter 15: Elimination Overview for Nurses
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The Physiological Process in Bowel Elimination

1. The Physiological Process in Bowel Elimination

Bowel elimination is the way your digestive tract rids itself of solid wastes. Learn how the foods you eat are stripped of their nutrients and prepared for removal. Discover the structures, movements, and reflexes involved in bowel elimination.

Constipation: Definition, Causes & Impaction

2. Constipation: Definition, Causes & Impaction

In this lesson, you're going to learn the general and specific definitions of constipation, some of the causes of constipation, as well as the definition of an impaction.

Fecal Incontinence: Definition & Causes

3. Fecal Incontinence: Definition & Causes

Most of us can 'hold it.' Some people, however, cannot. That may be a sign of fecal incontinence. What this is and the primary reasons as to its occurrence are outlined in this lesson.

Flatulence: Definition, Causes & Process

4. Flatulence: Definition, Causes & Process

In this lesson, you'll learn the proper word and definition for farting, its main causes, and the process behind why a person farts in the first place. You'll also learn when you should go to the doctor.

Diarrhea: Definition, Types & Causes

5. Diarrhea: Definition, Types & Causes

Did you know there is more than one reason for diarrhea, that there is more than one kind of diarrhea, and that there is way more than one way to define diarrhea? Learn more in this lesson.

Factors Influencing Bowel Elimination

6. Factors Influencing Bowel Elimination

Eliminating wastes from the body is a natural process. Yet, there are some factors that influence how easy it is to control bowel elimination. Learn how things like diet, fluid intake, activity level, and associated conditions influence elimination.

Assessing Bowel Integrity

7. Assessing Bowel Integrity

We are going to discuss the meaning of bowel integrity and then explore ways to assess bowel integrity in patients. We will cover a few things that can alter bowel integrity.

Assessing Bowel Function

8. Assessing Bowel Function

This lesson explores the different techniques that nurses use to assess bowel function in patients. You'll also learn about a few factors that may alter bowel function.

Agents Commonly Used to Promote Bowel Elimination

9. Agents Commonly Used to Promote Bowel Elimination

We are going to discuss the agents that can be used to promote bowel elimination in patients suffering from constipation. We will also cover the patient education points that need to be discussed with administration of the agents.

Nursing Case Study: Bowel Elimination

10. Nursing Case Study: Bowel Elimination

This nursing case study takes a look at bowel elimination problems. Through this case study, you'll learn how to follow the nursing care process to address bowel elimination issues.

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