Ch 3: ELM Test - Numbers and Data: Decimals and Percents

About This Chapter

Review the basic skills for using decimals and percents with this chapter's lessons. You can prepare for your Entry-Level Mathematics Test with the short, user-friendly video lessons and self-assessment quizzes.

ELM Numbers and Data: Decimals and Percents - Chapter Summary

Get organized for your ELM math placement exam with our user-friendly video lessons addressing the essential elements of decimals and percents. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson to reflect on your comprehension of the following topics:

  • Understand decimal place value
  • Order decimal numbers and solve problems with decimal numbers and fractions
  • Understand percents
  • Change between decimals and percents and solve problems using percents
  • Change between fractions and decimals

This chapter will help you review the relationships between decimals, percents and fractions. You can also practice solving problems using decimals, fractions and percents in context to get ready for similar questions on the ELM.

ELM Numbers and Data Objectives

If you plan to attend a school in the California State University system, you'll be required to take the ELM placement test. The following topics are pertinent to 35% of the 50-question, 90-minute exam and deal with understanding and applying numbers and data:

  • Solve problems using basic arithmetic, decimals, percents and fractions
  • Interpret and use proportion and ratio
  • Estimate and evaluate square roots
  • Understand print and electronic data presented in tables, charts, graphs and histograms
  • Calculate and interpret arithmetic mean
  • Calculate and interpret median
  • Use data in making estimations and predictions

Allow these lessons concerning decimals and percentages to assist your review for the ELM exam.

8 Lessons in Chapter 3: ELM Test - Numbers and Data: Decimals and Percents
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What is a Decimal Place Value?

1. What is a Decimal Place Value?

In this video lesson, you will see how a decimal, a simple dot, can change the place value of all the digits in a number. You will also learn how to read decimals using place values.

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

2. Comparing and Ordering Decimals

In this video lesson, you'll find out how you can look at any two decimals and immediately tell which is greater than the other. You'll also learn how to quickly sort decimals from least to greatest or vice versa.

Arithmetic with Decimal Numbers

3. Arithmetic with Decimal Numbers

Watch this video lesson and see how our little professor goes about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimal numbers all without the use of a calculator!

Solving Problems Using Decimal Numbers

4. Solving Problems Using Decimal Numbers

Problems involving decimal numbers might sound like a way to torture you, but learning how important these types of problems are in the real world is important. In this lesson, you will see a couple areas in life where you routinely encounter decimal number problems.

What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

5. What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

Thinking in terms of pizza is an excellent way to think about percentages. Learn how it can help you understand percentages in this video lesson. You will also learn about the uses of percentages in the real world.

Changing Between Decimals and Percents

6. Changing Between Decimals and Percents

Watch as we go on a rollercoaster ride in changing from a decimal to percent and then back again. Learn to master this technique so you can get as fast as a rollercoaster going downhill on tests and quizzes when you have to convert between the two.

Solve Problems Using Percents

7. Solve Problems Using Percents

Percents are your friend. Think of all the cool things percents do for you. They save you money, and they tell you how well you are doing in school. Learn how you can solve problems with percents in this video lesson.

Changing Between Decimals and Fractions

8. Changing Between Decimals and Fractions

In this video lesson, you will learn about the usefulness of knowing how to change quickly between decimals and fractions. You will also learn how changing from a decimal to a fraction is different than changing from a fraction to a decimal.

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