Ch 3: Email Copywriting & Design

About This Chapter

An understanding of email copywriting and design is essential for a successful email marketing campaign. Use the lessons in this chapter to provide your employees with training on types of copywriting and how to write effective marketing emails.

Email Copywriting & Design - Chapter Summary

The corporate training lessons in this chapter explain several different tips and techniques related to copywriting and email design, such as email greetings, writing a welcome letter and designing for mobile devices. Your employees can also learn more about copywriting for emails through lessons on the following topics:

  • The definition and various types of copywriting
  • The process of writing copy
  • Email copywriting techniques
  • The email subject line and greetings
  • Responsive email design
  • Innovative email designs that are mobile friendly
  • Ways to write a successful email newsletter and welcome letter

These lessons can give your employees a thorough introduction to email copywriting and they demonstrate how to write different types of documents in email format. Multiple-choice quizzes found at the end of each lesson help ensure that your employees understand and retain the material.

How It Helps

  • Increases knowledge: Lessons in this chapter can help your marketing employees learn the proper techniques and skills that are used in copywriting and writing effective emails.
  • Encourages uniformity: When your employees use the lessons in this chapter, they could be able to set a uniform standard that can be used in emails to increase understanding.
  • Increases sales: Marketing employees that utilize the techniques in this chapter may increase sales through effective copywriting and email writing skills.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, marketing employees will be able to:

  • List common tools used in copywriting
  • Understand the types of copywriting
  • Describe how to write copy for marketing emails
  • Recognize the parts of email marketing messages that are successful
  • Comprehend different types of email greetings
  • Identify how to write email newsletters and welcome letters
  • Define a responsive email design
  • Summarize the best types of email design
  • Learn about how to make email designs mobile friendly

13 Lessons in Chapter 3: Email Copywriting & Design
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Copywriting: Definition, Process & Tools

1. Copywriting: Definition, Process & Tools

Copywriting can be found within the pages of a magazine or heard in commercials over the radio. Learn the definition of copywriting and the process and tools involved in creating copy for advertisements or other media.

Types of Copywriting

2. Types of Copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing content that will make consumers interested in a product or subject. There are many different types of copywriting. Let's look at a few of them now.

How to Write Copy

3. How to Write Copy

No matter how sweet your photos and graphic designs are, you'll always have to write something down. In this lesson, we'll look at some tips to keep your copy sharp, crisp, and communicative.

Email Copywriting

4. Email Copywriting

Sometimes it seems like email marketing is about the visuals. Graphics are eye-catching, but it's the copy or writing that really gets the message across. In this lesson, we'll look at a few tips to keep those marketing emails out of the junk folder.

How to Write a Marketing Email

5. How to Write a Marketing Email

When you try to reach out to the public by email, it is hard to determine what type of email is going to attract customers to your product. The following lesson discusses how to write a marketing email and reach your audience effectively.

Elements of Effective Email Marketing Messages

6. Elements of Effective Email Marketing Messages

In a day when email messages are widely used, knowing how to create effective messages is more important than ever. Use the five elements in this lesson to create an effective marketing message.

Email Marketing Subject Line Best Practices

7. Email Marketing Subject Line Best Practices

The subject line is your marketing email's chance to make a good first impression. But since it's such a small thing, this vital aspect of email marketing is easy to overlook. Let's look at some best practices for your marketing emails.

Email Greeting: Examples, Formal & Informal

8. Email Greeting: Examples, Formal & Informal

An email greeting can make or break how the rest of your email is received. In this lesson, you'll learn more about email greetings types, such as formal and informal, and see a few examples.

How to Write an Email Newsletter

9. How to Write an Email Newsletter

Writing an effective email newsletter requires effort and purpose. In this lesson, you'll learn more about how to craft an engaging email newsletter that your recipients will look forward to and want to read.

How to Write a Welcome Letter

10. How to Write a Welcome Letter

Like a thank-you note after a job interview, a welcome letter is a great way to let new clients or customers know that their business is valued. This lesson will walk you through some tips to create a welcome letter that will make your clients feel great.

What is Responsive Email Design?

11. What is Responsive Email Design?

Responsive email design will keep those mobile readers happy. This lesson will explain how width, font size, images, and links should be dealt with so as to be optimal for viewing on multiple devices.

Email Design Best Practices

12. Email Design Best Practices

Design is a critical component of your email marketing efforts. In this lesson, you'll learn more about best practices in email design and how to create a compelling email your recipients will want to open.

Mobile Friendly Email Design

13. Mobile Friendly Email Design

As more and more people access emails and the internet through their phones and tablets, it's important to make sure that our marketing emails are mobile-friendly. In this lesson, we'll examine some ways to do just that.

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