Ch 33: Energy From Fuels

About This Chapter

Master concepts related to energy from fuels with this overview that includes topics such as combustion reaction, enthalpy, the ideal gas law, and more. These concise lessons are a helpful tool for students who missed class time or need to prepare for an exam.

Energy From Fuels - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter provide an overview of energy from fuels. You can review exothermic reactions and enthalpy. There are also discussions covering thermochemical equations and calorimetry. After completing the chapter, you should be prepared to:

  • Provide examples of combustion reaction
  • Explain what happens when endothermic reactions occur
  • Discuss energy transfer in physical and chemical processes
  • Calculate enthalpy change
  • Recall details about Hess's Law
  • Explain the ideal gas law and the gas constant
  • Discuss calculations related to the combustion of fuels
  • Perform heat calculations using a simple equation

Each lesson comes with a brief quiz to ascertain how much of the content you can recall. You can study all of the lessons in order or just focus on the topics you need to review. Another feature allows you to print the quiz in worksheet form and use it to study while away from your computer.

8 Lessons in Chapter 33: Energy From Fuels
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Combustion Reaction: Definition & Examples

1. Combustion Reaction: Definition & Examples

Substances that release energy in the form of heat and light in the aftermath of a chemical reaction with oxygen are called combustion reactions. Learn about the definition, explanation, and real-world examples of combustion reactions.

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

2. Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

In endothermic reactions, the system gains heat as the surroundings cool down, and in exothermic reactions, the system loses heat as the surroundings heat up. Explore the differences between these reactions and learn about chemical reactions and enthalpy.

Enthalpy: Energy Transfer in Physical and Chemical Processes

3. Enthalpy: Energy Transfer in Physical and Chemical Processes

When energy is transferred during a chemical reaction, it is called enthalpy. Examine the changes that happen, the relationship to energy, heat, and temperature, exothermic and endothermic processes, and physical and chemical changes during enthalpy.

Enthalpy Change: Definition & Calculation

4. Enthalpy Change: Definition & Calculation

In this lesson, we will learn how much energy is in a reaction and what can drive that reaction forward. We will also learn how to calculate the efficiency of that reaction.

Using Hess's Law to Calculate the Change in Enthalpy of a Reaction

5. Using Hess's Law to Calculate the Change in Enthalpy of a Reaction

Enthalpy change of a multi-step chemical reaction is Hess's Law. Explore Hess's Law, thermochemical equations, how to manipulate thermochemical equations, how to use Hess's law to calculate the enthalpy change of a reaction, and how to calculate ΔH for the reaction.

Thermochemical Equations

6. Thermochemical Equations

In this lesson we will learn about thermochemical equations and how we use them to tell what happens to energy in equations and if the reaction is endothermic or exothermic.

The Ideal Gas Law and the Gas Constant

7. The Ideal Gas Law and the Gas Constant

The ideal gas law can be used to predict real gas behavior. Learn about this law, including its equation, and understand how to use the equation to solve a gas problem. Explore the concepts used by the ideal gas law such as the gas constant.

Calorimetry: Measuring Heat Transfer and Heat Capacity

8. Calorimetry: Measuring Heat Transfer and Heat Capacity

When a substance absorbs or gives out heat, the measurement of the heat transfer is calorimetry. Explore the meaning of calorimetry, the units of heat, specific heat capacity, and calorimetry and heat calculations.

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