Ch 4: Engagement Through Customer-Centricity

About This Chapter

With this corporate training tool, your employees will better understand the concept of engagement through customer-centricity. The combination of engaging video lessons and self-assessment quizzes will help them master tools of customer focused engagement.

Engagement Through Customer-Centricity - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, we'll take a look at customer oriented approaches to customer engagement strategies. Your employees will learn about:

  • Definition and examples of customer-centric
  • Client-centric experiences
  • Customer-centric companies
  • Customer-centric sales
  • Customer service culture
  • Client engagement
  • Customer engagement managers
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Social media engagement
  • Customer engagement marketing

These informative video lessons will clearly explain these concepts to your employees. Plus, with our self-assessment quizzes at the end of each lesson, employees can easily track their progress and ensure comprehension of these concepts.

How It Helps

  • Improves understanding: Our lessons will help your employees better understand engagement through customer-centricity.
  • Customer focused: By better understanding customer-centric marketing, employees will better be able to develop marketing campaigns that are focused on the customer.
  • Optimize customer engagement: Employees will learn how to optimize customer experience and engagement to be more beneficial to the company.
  • Diversify resources: By learning about different customer-centric strategies and considerations employees will be able to diversify the tools they use to improve customer engagement.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter your employees will be able to:

  • Create models for client engagement
  • Formulate strategies for social media engagement
  • Understand the culture behind customer-centric companies
  • Develop strategies for customer-centric sales

11 Lessons in Chapter 4: Engagement Through Customer-Centricity
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Customer Centric: Definition & Examples

1. Customer Centric: Definition & Examples

This lesson defines what it means to be customer centric and gives examples of how organizations can create and implement customer centrality into their business plan.

Client-Centric Experience: Definition & Example

2. Client-Centric Experience: Definition & Example

In this lesson, we will define a client-centric experience. We will also look at examples of client-centric experiences and understand how a company can build these experiences into their business model.

Customer-Centric Companies: Culture & Examples

3. Customer-Centric Companies: Culture & Examples

What makes a company defined as Customer-Centric? This lesson is going to take a look into the culture and key characteristics of customer-centric companies.

Customer-Centric Sales: Definition & Strategy

4. Customer-Centric Sales: Definition & Strategy

This lesson defines customer-centric sales. It then describes how an organization can design its sales process before, after, and during sales to create a customer-centric strategy.

Customer Service Culture: Definition & Overview

5. Customer Service Culture: Definition & Overview

Companies are continually finding out that the customer is the most important part of their business. This lesson will dive into the definition and overview of a customer service culture.

Client Engagement: Model & Strategies

6. Client Engagement: Model & Strategies

This lesson describes a client engagement model and a client engagement strategy with a focus on client centrality. The lesson gives examples of building a model and identifies potential strategies for client engagement.

Customer Engagement: Definition & Metrics

7. Customer Engagement: Definition & Metrics

How do you know the level of commitment a customer has with your brand or company? This lesson defines customer engagement and discusses common metrics used to measure it.

What is a Customer Engagement Manager?

8. What is a Customer Engagement Manager?

Customer engagement managers play a vital role in the customer service process. This lesson will define the role of a customer engagement manager and give an overview of the position's tasks.

Customer Engagement Strategies

9. Customer Engagement Strategies

Because consumers have more choices today when purchasing products and services, it's important for companies to stay engaged with their customers. This lesson covers strategies for engaging customers.

What is Social Media Engagement? - Strategy & Examples

10. What is Social Media Engagement? - Strategy & Examples

Companies have lots of opportunities and platforms to engage their customers through social media. This lesson will explain social media engagement and provide strategies and examples for interacting with customers online.

Customer Engagement Marketing: Definition & Strategies

11. Customer Engagement Marketing: Definition & Strategies

There are a variety of marketing tactics that a company can use to increase the likelihood that a customer will buy their product or services. This lesson defines customer engagement marketing and describes some of the strategies used for this type of marketing.

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