Ch 5: Epic & Myth: The Odyssey & Perseus and Medusa

About This Chapter

Students can gain insight into epics, myths, and explore genre exemplars with these lessons. By going through the chapter, students can study for upcoming exams, get help with homework projects, or prepare for classroom discussions.

Epic & Myth Explanations & Exemplars - Chapter Summary

This chapter focuses on the use of myths and epic poetry, including the elements of these writing styles and examples of famous works. Teachers who are looking for added resources for students should consider the benefits of this chapter. First of all, this chapter and all of the study materials on this site are available online, giving students 24/7 access. Second, the user dashboard helps to organize students, keeping all of their study information in one safe place. Third, the video lessons, flashcards, lesson quizzes, and other tools provide an interactive component that can reach a wide variety of learners. By completing this chapter, students gain the skills to do the following:

  • Establish what epic poetry is
  • Outline the Greek epic The Odyssey
  • Evaluate whether Odysseus can be considered a hero
  • Figure out themes within The Odyssey
  • Relate key quotes from The Odyssey
  • Describe different types of myths
  • Analyze the myth of Perseus and Medusa

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Epic & Myth: The Odyssey & Perseus and Medusa
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Epic Poetry: Definition, Heroes & Stories

1. Epic Poetry: Definition, Heroes & Stories

Learn about epic poetry in the ancient world. Explore two epic poems, ''Gilgamesh'' and ''The Iliad'' and discover the information these poems contain about the cultures that created them.

The Odyssey: Greek Epic

2. The Odyssey: Greek Epic

This lecture provides a rough outline of the exploits of Odysseus in Homer's epic poem ''The Odyssey''. You'll learn plot details about this epic poem, in addition to hearing about how this important tale relates to Greek culture and literary works throughout history.

Is Odysseus a Hero? - Character Analysis

3. Is Odysseus a Hero? - Character Analysis

A hero can be defined in many ways, but in Greek antiquity, a hero embodied qualities that reflected Greek culture. In this lesson, we will define the term hero and determine whether Odysseus fits the description.

Themes of The Odyssey

4. Themes of The Odyssey

'The Odyssey' tells the story of Odysseus as he tries to get home after the Trojan War has ended. In this lesson, learn about the themes of this famous Greek work.

Important Quotes from The Odyssey

5. Important Quotes from The Odyssey

In the Odyssey by Homer, we're thrown headfirst into Odysseus's trials as he tries desperately to make his way back to his beloved wife, Penelope. We'll look at the concept of fate and justice and the important role each plays in the Odyssey.

What Are Myths? - Definition, Types & Examples

6. What Are Myths? - Definition, Types & Examples

Lots of us read or even studied the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods in grade school or middle school. Just about every culture has its own myths, stories about gods and their magical deeds. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the defining characteristics of myths, as well as some examples.

Greek Myth of Perseus and Medusa: Summary & Overview

7. Greek Myth of Perseus and Medusa: Summary & Overview

Explore the tale of young hero, Perseus, who sets out to defeat the terrifying Medusa, who could turn any man into stone. Learn about the birth and adventures of this famous hero and the lessons learned from the stories that surround him.

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