Ch 8: Essay Revision Strategies

About This Chapter

Let us help you study for a test or certification exam that covers essay revision strategies with these fun lessons, short quizzes and a chapter exam. These resources can quickly and effectively strengthen your comprehension of this subject and boost your confidence before the day of your test.

Essay Revision Strategies - Chapter Summary

In this chapter are engaging video lessons you can watch to study how to edit essay content, proofread for spelling and avoid redundancy in writing. Examining these and other topics can help you gain full comprehension of important strategies for essay revision in a short period of time. Once you've completed this chapter, you will be ready to do the following:

  • Fix mistakes in writing through revisions
  • Edit and improve essay content
  • Proofread essays for grammar and spelling
  • Write logical sentences and avoid faulty comparisons
  • Avoid redundancy in writing
  • Define and discuss the concept of editing for mechanics

Enjoy 24/7 access to the lessons using any computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection. Feel free to watch them as short videos or access them as full transcripts you can read online or print. Mini quizzes and a practice exam can check your comprehension of the essay revision strategies covered in this chapter. If you have questions about topics explored in the lessons, don't hesitate to send them to our experts via the Dashboard.

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Essay Revision Strategies
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Writing Revision: How to Fix Mistakes in Your Writing

1. Writing Revision: How to Fix Mistakes in Your Writing

Writing is an important skill, but revising your writing is also. In this lesson, learn the basics of self-editing, including editing for content and for mechanics, such as grammar and misspellings.

How to Edit and Improve Essay Content

2. How to Edit and Improve Essay Content

Going back through an essay that you've written in order to make substantive content improvements can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some basic principles that you can apply to whip your essay into shape.

How to Proofread an Essay for Spelling and Grammar

3. How to Proofread an Essay for Spelling and Grammar

Proofreading is the last step in revising an essay - don't skip it! A single typo can sometimes ruin the hard work of an entire paper. This lesson will help you find the right proofreading strategy for you.

How to Write Logical Sentences and Avoid Faulty Comparisons

4. How to Write Logical Sentences and Avoid Faulty Comparisons

Your sentences may not always make as much sense as you think they do, especially if you're comparing two or more things. It's easy to let comparisons become illogical, incomplete, or ambiguous. Learn how to avoid making faulty comparisons on your way to writing a great essay.

How to Avoid Redundancy in Your Writing

5. How to Avoid Redundancy in Your Writing

Does your writing redundantly say the same thing twice? Is it full of unnecessary and inessential repetition of things you've already said before? Learn how to fix it here!

Editing for Mechanics: Definition & Concept

6. Editing for Mechanics: Definition & Concept

Find out what 'editing for mechanics' means and how to apply it to your writing. Learn what to look for when you're editing for mechanics, and then take a quiz to test your new skills.

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