Ch 6: Ethics in Public Relations

About This Chapter

Use the lessons in this chapter to learn more about the role of ethics in public relations. These lessons are short and engaging, which makes learning fun and easy.

Ethics in Public Relations - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Ethics are an important part of public relations. Not only is there a code of conduct that should be followed, there are models for using fair and professional behavior as well, such as those set by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Public Relations Society of America. The resources in this chapter include text lessons, videos and quizzes that can help you learn about:

  • How to make ethical decisions
  • Professional codes of ethics and codes of conduct
  • Specific ethical issues in PR
  • Common models of ethical behavior

Ethical Decision Making Analyze the process of making ethical decisions.
Professional Codes of Ethics in Public Relations Evaluate the details of the professional codes of ethics.
Ethical Code of Conduct: Definition & Example Plan to take a look at the accepted code of conduct.
Ethical Issues in Public Relations Prepare to examine various ethical issues that prevent ethical behavior.
Models for Ethical Behavior Consider the use of the different types of models for ethical behavior.

5 Lessons in Chapter 6: Ethics in Public Relations
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Ethical Decision Making

1. Ethical Decision Making

We have to make decisions every day, and many of these decisions have an ethical dimension. In this lesson, you'll learn about ethical decision-making and a process you can use to make ethically sound decisions. A short quiz follows.

Professional Codes of Ethics in Public Relations

2. Professional Codes of Ethics in Public Relations

We all expect companies to act in a professional manner. But how does a company decide what 'professional manner' means? In this lesson, we will look at how the public relations industry outlines expected behavior for public relations professionals.

Ethical Code of Conduct: Definition & Example

3. Ethical Code of Conduct: Definition & Example

In this lesson, you'll learn about ethical codes of conduct and why they were developed. You'll also learn about the two main parts of an ethical code of conduct, which will be illustrated with some real-life examples.

Ethical Issues in Public Relations

4. Ethical Issues in Public Relations

Public relations representatives have a very important job. The job can be a lot of fun, but there can also be a lot of pressure. Many PR reps face some tough situations. Today we will go over ethical issues that can be a challenging part of the job.

Models for Ethical Behavior

5. Models for Ethical Behavior

This lesson defines ethics in general and provides information on the four models of public relations ethics: two-way communication, enlightened self-interest, attorney/adversary and responsible advocacy.

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