Ch 13: Ethnicity and Geography

About This Chapter

Use these video lessons and quizzes to learn about ethnicity and how it can provoke strife within a nation. You'll also explore ethinic cleansing and look at some recent examples.

Ethnicity and Geography - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Ethnicity plays a role in many issues, including wars and social issues. In this chapter, we'll get a definition of ethnicity, how it differs from nationality and why ethnic groups sometimes clash within a nation. Another lesson looks at ethnic cleansing, with a focus on occurrences in Europe and Africa. After watching each lesson, you can take a brief multiple-choice quiz that lets you assess your knowledge and see if any areas require additional study before you move ahead. This chapter is designed to teach you about:

  • How ethnicity and race differ
  • Why ethnicity is often synonymous with nationality
  • Ethnic competition within nations
  • What is meant by ethnic cleansing

Video Objectives
Race and Ethnicity Definitions: Social Minority vs. Social Majority Define ethnicity and the distribution of ethnicity.
Transforming Ethnicities into NationalitiesRelate how ethnicity can assume the same meaning as nationality.
Ethnic Competition, Division & DominationName reasons why ethnic groups clash, and describe national divisions among various ethnicities.
Ethnic Cleansing: Definition & ExamplesExplain what ethnic cleansing is, and look at examples in Central Africa and Europe.

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