Ch 44: Exploration & Colonization in Texas

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This entertaining online chapter is filled with engaging lessons you can access 24/7 to improve your knowledge of exploration and colonization in Texas. Find out how much you understand about this subject and enhance your preparations for a future test by taking mini quizzes and a practice exam.

Exploration & Colonization in Texas - Chapter Summary

Study the history of Texas, the Mexican War of Independence, the Alamo and more with help from this self-paced chapter. Fun lessons closely examine these topics to provide a well-rounded overview of exploration and colonization in Texas. Complete this chapter to boost your knowledge of this subject and ensure you're able to do the following:

  • Describe the human and physical characteristics of Texas
  • Detail how geography has influenced the development of Texas
  • List and discuss the individuals, events and issues linked to the history of Texas
  • Provide details about the history and culture of Texas Native American tribes
  • Discuss the Spanish Colonial Period in Texas from 1776 to 1821
  • Summarize and provide a timeline for the Mexican War of Independence
  • Share the history and facts of the Alamo
  • Explain how the Mexican National Era impacted Texas from 1821 to 1836

Utilize the resources in this chapter in any manner that will help you gain full comprehension of exploration and colonization in Texas. Choose any number of lessons to review, navigate them in your sequence of choice, and revisit them as often as you'd like. Use short quizzes and a practice exam to test your knowledge of the lessons. All resources in this chapter are accessible around-the-clock via any computer or mobile device, enabling you to study whenever and wherever your schedule permits.

6 Lessons in Chapter 44: Exploration & Colonization in Texas
History of Texas: Individuals, Events & Issues

1. History of Texas: Individuals, Events & Issues

Texas has a unique history amongst the US states. In this lesson, we'll talk about the long history of Texas and see how this state came to be what it is today.

Texas Native American Tribes: History & Culture

2. Texas Native American Tribes: History & Culture

In this lesson, you'll learn about three of the Native American tribes of Texas through the lens of the struggle for American expansion and the fight for the preservation of Native American culture.

The Spanish Colonial Era in Texas (1776-1821)

3. The Spanish Colonial Era in Texas (1776-1821)

Texas was an important part of the Spanish Empire. This lesson details the history of colonial Texas, from its settlement by Europeans in the sixteenth century until Mexican independence in 1821.

Mexican War of Independence: Summary & Timeline

4. Mexican War of Independence: Summary & Timeline

The Mexican War of Independence began the ripple effect of the independence movement throughout Latin America. Learn about the causes of the war, timeline of important events, and the historical legacy of the war today.

The Alamo: History & Facts

5. The Alamo: History & Facts

Missions have been being built for centuries all over the world, but few have a history as meaningful as one in south Texas. Learn here about the Alamo.

The Mexican National Era & Its Impact on Texas (1821-1836)

6. The Mexican National Era & Its Impact on Texas (1821-1836)

In this lesson, we will learn how the new country of Mexico opened its borders to a wave of immigration that would forever change the Texas region. These immigrants would enter the sparsely populated territory and ignore regulations placed upon them by the new government, leading to a military showdown that affected Mexico, Texas and ultimately the United States.

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