Ch 6: Exponents & Polynomial Functions

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8 Lessons in Chapter 6: Exponents & Polynomial Functions
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Exponentiation: Definition & Examples

1. Exponentiation: Definition & Examples

Exponentiation refers to the mathematical operation involving two numbers, a base and an exponent. This lesson will give a definition of exponentiation and some examples and finish with a quiz so you can gauge your understanding of the concept.

Power Of A Product: Property & Rule

2. Power Of A Product: Property & Rule

The Power of a Product rule states that a term raised to a power is equal to the product of its factors raised to the same power. In this lesson, learn more about this rule and look at some examples.

Exponential Notation: Definition & Examples

3. Exponential Notation: Definition & Examples

Exponential notation is commonly used in many different branches of science. In this lesson, we'll learn what exponential notation is, discover how to work with it, and illustrate its use in various examples.

Composite Variable: Definition & Concept

4. Composite Variable: Definition & Concept

In the social sciences, researchers must determine methods for evaluating complex concepts. This lesson defines composite variables and how they are used to describe attributes that cannot be easily observed or measured.

Composite Function: Definition & Examples

5. Composite Function: Definition & Examples

One way in which we can combine functions is by forming their composition. A composite function is a larger function that is created by putting one function inside another function.

Horizontal Line Test: Definition & Overview

6. Horizontal Line Test: Definition & Overview

The horizontal line test is a test used to determine if a function is a one-to-one function. This lesson will define how to perform the horizontal line test as well as give some examples.

Perfect Square Trinomial: Definition, Formula & Examples

7. Perfect Square Trinomial: Definition, Formula & Examples

Perfect square trinomials are a special group of polynomials that can be factored into a very convenient pattern, making them very useful in solving equations.

Polynomial Inequalities: Definition & Examples

8. Polynomial Inequalities: Definition & Examples

Polynomial inequalities show up in real world applications when intervals of numbers are involved. In this lesson, you'll learn what polynomial inequalities are and how to work with them.

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