Ch 18: Factors That Influence Housing Selection

About This Chapter

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Factors That Influence Housing Selection - Chapter Summary

This self-paced chapter closely examines factors that influence housing selection. Take a look at government regulations, types of housing and leases, and other factors that play a role. Once you've finished this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Outline best practices for analyzing population trends in housing
  • Explain how HUD prevents housing discrimination and ensures affordable housing
  • List types and examples of housing
  • Discuss factors that impact housing selection
  • Define terms for common mortgage liens
  • Identify and discuss types of leases in real estate

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6 Lessons in Chapter 18: Factors That Influence Housing Selection
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Analyzing Population Trends in Housing

1. Analyzing Population Trends in Housing

Know the market when buying or selling a house. In this lesson, examine generational changes and other population trends that are affecting the housing market. Also, learn about important information that housing market analyses present.

How HUD Regulates Real Estate

2. How HUD Regulates Real Estate

Federal law prohibits housing discrimination and supports affordable housing. In this lesson, you'll learn the role the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development plays in preventing discrimination and ensuring affordable housing.

Types of Housing: Overview & Examples

3. Types of Housing: Overview & Examples

Everybody lives somewhere. Some live in a house while others live in an apartment. But did you know that you can actually live in a house by purchasing stocks from housing cooperatives? Learn about this and other types of housing in this lesson.

Factors Affecting Housing Selection

4. Factors Affecting Housing Selection

When looking for a place to live, would you rather rent or buy? This lesson covers some of the many factors that affect whether people decide to rent or buy a home or apartment.

Overview of Common Mortgage Liens Terms

5. Overview of Common Mortgage Liens Terms

Most first time homebuyers must finance their purchase, and lenders will demand a mortgage over the property being purchased to secure payment of the loan. In this lesson, you'll learn about key terms in a standard residential mortgage.

Types of Leases in Real Estate

6. Types of Leases in Real Estate

A contract between a landlord and a tenant is a lease. In this lesson, you'll learn about different types of leases in typical real estate transactions including residential leases and commercial leases. A short quiz follows.

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