Ch 1: Farm Animals Lesson Plans & Activities

About This Chapter

Teachers can access this chapter at any time to plan lessons and activities about farm animals. These mobile-friendly instructional resources are designed to enhance and supplement your farm animal unit or curriculum.

Farm Animals Lesson Plans & Activities - Chapter Summary

This chapter contains lesson plans and activities about farm animals. Teachers who need to teach young students about farm animals can use the lesson plan outlines to design a curriculum about a variety of farm animals, such as horses and cows.

You'll also find supplemental lessons about milk and dairy production, cattle feeding, the life cycle of cats and more. To engage your students, we've included a variety of classroom activities and games about topics like the cattle industry, dogs, sheep, goats and donkeys. Finally, you'll be able to assign your students quizzes to make sure they understand basic information about farm animals.

How It Helps

  • Additional resources: Includes teaching tools that can be integrated into your farm animal lessons and assignments
  • Curriculum standards: Covers important information about farm animals that meets academic standards
  • Engages students: Provides plenty of classroom and activities to help young students have fun while learning about farm animals

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan resources with relevant tools to make planning farm animal lessons easy.

  • Use lesson plans outlines for specific farm animal topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your farm animal class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related farm animal lessons with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important farm animal concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant farm animal-related activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

22 Lessons in Chapter 1: Farm Animals Lesson Plans & Activities
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Cow Lesson Plan

1. Cow Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to help you teach your students about cows. Students will participate in a guided reading of an informational text lesson all about the different types of cows and fun facts then before applying learning to an engaging activity.

Cow Facts: Lesson for Kids

2. Cow Facts: Lesson for Kids

Do you think you can you outrun or out-sniff a cow? Find out in this lesson about the different types of cows, what cows eat and other fascinating cow facts.

Dairy Farms Lesson Plan

3. Dairy Farms Lesson Plan

This lesson plan explores the process of milk production and the necessary steps needed to maintain dairy cattle. Students will read two lessons, participate in discussion questions, complete an activity and take two quizzes.

How to Feed & Manage Dairy Cattle

4. How to Feed & Manage Dairy Cattle

This lesson will provide a brief overview and introduction to the business of feeding and managing dairy cattle. We'll explore what facilities and equipment should be considered and what to feed dairy cows. We'll also look at basic cow biology.

Milk & Dairy Production Process

5. Milk & Dairy Production Process

We all know that grocery stores carry milk, but how does the milk get there? What does the milk go through to be ready for us to drink? In this lesson we will learn all about the milking process.

Cattle Industry Classroom Activities

6. Cattle Industry Classroom Activities

Teaching students about the cattle industry can be a great interdisciplinary experience. The activities in this lesson will help students get excited about the industry and the major concepts behind it.

Farm Animal Activities

7. Farm Animal Activities

Giving children the chance to learn about farm animals can foster an appreciation for animals and fond memories. Use these tips to create fun activities for your school kids.

Horses Lesson Plan

8. Horses Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach your students all about horses. Students will read about different types of horses and their characteristics, then demonstrate comprehension by identifying a main idea and supporting details.

Facts About Horses: Lesson for Kids

9. Facts About Horses: Lesson for Kids

We usually think about horses as pets, but they have been working with humans to do important jobs for thousands of years. Learn about the jobs horses do, different types of horses and more fascinating facts about horses in this lesson.

Horse Activities for Kids

10. Horse Activities for Kids

Horses are beautiful, graceful animals that can be an interesting topic to cover in your classroom. The activities included are fun and interesting ways to give your students exposure to horses and learn more about what horses are like.

Cat Lesson Plan

11. Cat Lesson Plan

Many of your students probably have cats, but how much do they understand about their pet's growth and care? In this lesson plan, find a a video lesson to guide your instruction on the life cycle of a cat. Students will then complete a hands-on activity to learn about a house cat's development and needs.

Life Cycle of a Cat Lesson for Kids

12. Life Cycle of a Cat Lesson for Kids

Cats and kittens are cute and playful. Do you know how a cat grows as it gets older? This lesson talks about the life cycle of a cat. Get ready for a whole bunch of cute!

Dog Activities for Kids

13. Dog Activities for Kids

As a teacher, you can have a powerful positive impact on your students and how they interact with dogs. This lesson provides several ideas for discussions and activities with kids to understand how to have a positive relationship with dogs.

Sheep Activities & Games

14. Sheep Activities & Games

This set of fun, engaging activities allows students to explore sheep while building on other academic skills, such as science, art, and reading. Topics include sheep vocabulary, ruminant digestion, Bovidae family characteristics, and famous sheep.

Goat Activities & Games

15. Goat Activities & Games

Teaching students about animals can be a fun and exciting way to get them interested in nature and ecology. This lesson offers activities and games for helping your students learn about goats.

Donkey Activities & Games

16. Donkey Activities & Games

Donkeys may be members of the horse family, but they possess very unique characteristics that set them apart. From their tell-tale ears to their life span of up to fifty years, there is a lot to learn about donkeys. These activities help make learning about donkeys fun!

Farm Animals Lesson Plan

17. Farm Animals Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will learn about farm animals. Students will learn why animals are important to a farm and why each animal is very important to the farm and the farmer.

Working Animals Lesson Plan

18. Working Animals Lesson Plan

In this lesson, the students will learn about the many ways in which animals work to help people. The students will practice matching jobs to animals, and then they will use their new knowledge to write a realistic fiction story.

Working Animals in Human Society

19. Working Animals in Human Society

This lesson goes over the many different types and roles of working animals. You'll be familiar with some of these, but others might surprise you in terms of which animals have been trained to do what.

Farm Animal Nutrition Lesson Plan

20. Farm Animal Nutrition Lesson Plan

This lesson introduces high school students to nutrition in animal husbandry. Students practice active reading skills with a short text lesson, engage in partner and whole-class discussions, and apply their learning in a research-based activity.

Poultry Lesson Plan

21. Poultry Lesson Plan

Educate your students about poultry with this helpful lesson plan. Students will read a text lesson, take a related quiz about poultry, and take part in a hands-on activity.

Life Cycle of a Chicken Activities

22. Life Cycle of a Chicken Activities

Early elementary students will participate in active games and activities to practice the stages of the life cycle of a chicken. Activities require collaboration while students sequence and spell the stages of the cycle.

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