Ch 1: Features of a Global Business

About This Chapter

This chapter discusses the features, challenges, cultures and structures of global businesses. As your employees work through the entertaining, short videos in this chapter, they will learn about entering the global market, supply chain management and other international business concerns.

Features of a Global Business - Chapter Summary

This series of quick, engaging videos is designed to help familiarize your employees with the objectives and considerations involved in the globalization of a business. As they work through this chapter, they will learn about:

  • Tactics for entering the global market
  • The importance of a 'global mindset'
  • Domestic, foreign and international operating environments
  • Supply chain management on the international market
  • Organizational structures of global businesses
  • Culture shifts in businesses that go international

After each video, your employees can take a short quiz so you can assess how well they've understood the ideas. They can look over the video transcripts if they need an additional look at the important concepts, which are emphasized for easy location.

How It Helps

  • Illustrates operating environments: These lessons can help your employees anticipate the differences between working at the domestic, foreign and international levels.
  • Prepares employees: Your employees will learn to what changes to expect in their organizational structure and culture.
  • Fosters global mindset: Lessons emphasize the importance of developing a global mindset, which can help improve communication and business with customers and other employees around the world.

Skills Covered

This chapter aims to teach your employees to:

  • Analyze globalization techniques
  • Adopt a global mindset
  • Work in expanded operating environments
  • Adapt to shifts in the supply chain
  • Prepare for changes to organizational structures
  • Foster a productive corporate culture

5 Lessons in Chapter 1: Features of a Global Business
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Internationalization & Globalization of Businesses

1. Internationalization & Globalization of Businesses

When companies decide to do international business, they have a wide variety of methods they can use to actually enter the market. This lesson will discuss those different methods and analyze how they work in an international context.

International Companies' Operating Environments

2. International Companies' Operating Environments

International companies' operating environments are complicated due to numerous factors. In this lesson we will identify and describe the three environments in which the international company operates: domestic, foreign and international.

Globalization's Impact on Operations & Supply Chain Management

3. Globalization's Impact on Operations & Supply Chain Management

Globalization's impact on operations and supply chain management is multifaceted. In this lesson, we will discuss four impacted areas: procurement and sourcing methods, inventory management, distribution facility locations, and transportation.

Globalization and Organizational Structure

4. Globalization and Organizational Structure

Organizational structure can be influenced by many different aspects of globalization. In this lesson, we will explore organizational structure and the impact globalization can have on it.

Globalization and Organizational Culture

5. Globalization and Organizational Culture

Culture influences almost every aspect of an organization. Globalization is one of the forces that influences organizational culture, and in this lesson we will talk about just how globalization impacts organizational culture.

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