Ch 7: Firearms, Tool Marks & Impression Evidence

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In this engaging chapter, our expert instructors closely examine firearms, tool marks and impression evidence. If you are preparing for a test or want to better understand an assignment or project, explore these fun lessons and take the mini quizzes to quickly and effectively boost your knowledge.

Firearms, Tool Marks & Impression Evidence - Chapter Summary

This self-paced chapter offers all the learning tools you need to better understand tool marks, firearms and impression evidence. Review engaging lessons to study different types of forensic investigations and examinations as well as the NIBIN database. If you have questions about the lessons you explore, feel free to submit them to our experts via the Dashboard. Our multiple-choice quizzes and practice exam can check your comprehension of topics covered in this chapter. These resources are available 24/7 using any computer or mobile device. After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Define ballistics
  • Describe procedures involved in a forensic firearm investigation
  • Explain the methods and purpose of a forensic footwear examination
  • Detail the purpose and methods of tool marks and tire marks forensic examinations
  • Differentiate between different types of impression and pattern evidence
  • Discuss the purpose of the NIBIN database

8 Lessons in Chapter 7: Firearms, Tool Marks & Impression Evidence
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Ballistics: Definition & Overview

1. Ballistics: Definition & Overview

Ballistics is an area of forensic science that studies firearms and ammunition to solve crimes. Explore the definition and overview of ballistics, and learn about the crime scene, what ballistics examiners do, and ballistics determinations.

Forensic Firearm Investigation: Procedures & Results

2. Forensic Firearm Investigation: Procedures & Results

Forensic scientists collect evidence that can be used positively identify a specific gun used in a crime. Learn about forensic firearm investigation procedures, discover the results that come from comparing bullets and cartridges, and explore other evidence-gathering methods.

NIBIN Database: Definition & Purpose

3. NIBIN Database: Definition & Purpose

Established in 1999, the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) assists in criminal investigations that involve the use of firearms. Learn about the history of the NIBIN database, the information it collects, and the ways it can be used to solve crimes.

Footwear Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

4. Footwear Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

Forensic footwear evidence is vital to solving crimes since footwear impressions usually have characteristics that can help investigators discover details about the offender. Explore how details such as impressions, manufacturing details, and accidental details can all aid in finding the offender of a crime.

Impression & Pattern Evidence: Definition & Process

5. Impression & Pattern Evidence: Definition & Process

Different kinds of evidence at a crime scene are collected or analyzed after photos and details are taken. Explore the different kinds of evidence, including impression and pattern evidence, and discover what each can tell about the crime scene.

Tire Marks Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

6. Tire Marks Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

Tire tracks can be crucial evidence in a crime scene investigation. Explore the practice of tire marks forensic examination, learning its purpose and the common methods and tools used to examine and preserve such evidence.

Tool Marks Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

7. Tool Marks Forensic Examination: Methods & Purpose

Tool marks are important forensic evidence when solving crimes and should never be ignored at a crime scene. Explore how any kind of tool can be used for a crime and how different factors such as the shape of the mark can help investigators reach a conclusion.

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8. Required Assignments Reminder

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