Ch 18: Food Preparation & Menu Planning

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This expertly taught chapter covers concepts related to menu planning and food preparation. Access these lessons on any mobile device or computer 24/7 to study for an important upcoming exam or to review these concepts and refresh your knowledge.

Food Preparation & Menu Planning - Chapter Summary

You can work at your own pace as you study this chapter on food preparation and menu planning. This engaging chapter contains short lessons on food preparation regulations, preparing food for long-term storage and different beverage and food storage options. Use this chapter to ensure you're able to do the following before you take an exam:

  • Detail the importance and types of menu planning
  • Explain the calculation used to find food cost percentage
  • Calculate food cost for a recipe
  • Identify the basic utensils and tools used in the kitchen
  • Discuss kitchen safety and sanitation
  • Detail the development of standard recipes
  • Provide facts about Spanish culture, customs and food

Study as few or as many of these lessons as you need in order to achieve your educational goals. The quiz provided with each lesson is a helpful way to ensure you're ready for a test. Feel free to reach out to an expert for assistance if you have any questions along the way.

10 Lessons in Chapter 18: Food Preparation & Menu Planning
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Food Preparation Regulations

1. Food Preparation Regulations

This lesson describes basic food safety regulations that are required to be followed by food handlers when preparing and serving food. Temperature control, personal hygiene, and operational cleanliness are discussed.

How to Prepare Food for Long-Term Storage

2. How to Prepare Food for Long-Term Storage

Throwing away food is not only wasteful but can also be costly. One way to preserve food is to package it in such a way that it can be stored for the long-term. Come along as we learn how to do so in this lesson.

Food & Beverage Storage Options: Dry, Refrigerated & Frozen

3. Food & Beverage Storage Options: Dry, Refrigerated & Frozen

In this lesson, we will identify the three types of storage items for foods in the food and beverage industry: dry, refrigerated, and frozen. The lesson will also address quality concerns over each storage method.

What is Menu Planning? - Basics & Importance

4. What is Menu Planning? - Basics & Importance

Deciding what to eat involves so much more than grabbing whatever foods are available. In order to provide a quality meal, it takes some planning. In this lesson, we'll learn the basics of menu planning.

Types of Menu Planning

5. Types of Menu Planning

This lesson will define what the term 'menu planning' means, as well as provide an explanation of the factors that help to determine menu planning. Finally, this lesson will describe the six different types of menus.

Food Cost Percentage: Definition & Calculation

6. Food Cost Percentage: Definition & Calculation

For a restaurant owner, food cost percentage represents one of the fastest ways to make sure an establishment is pricing its goods properly, as well as making enough money with respect to one of its biggest expenses.

How to Calculate Food Cost for a Recipe

7. How to Calculate Food Cost for a Recipe

After this lesson, you'll know how to calculate the cost of a dish at a restaurant, taking into account the cost of ingredients, overhead, cooking time and other factors, so you will know how much you should charge your customers for it.

Kitchen Sanitation & Safety

8. Kitchen Sanitation & Safety

This lesson first describes the reasons why you should keep sanitary conditions in the kitchen and then how you can achieve that. It then goes over important safety considerations having to do with the kitchen.

Standard Recipes: Development & Purpose

9. Standard Recipes: Development & Purpose

In this lesson, we'll explore how standard recipes are created and used in a restaurant setting to create consistent menu items and improve efficiency.

Spanish Culture: Customs, Facts & Food

10. Spanish Culture: Customs, Facts & Food

Spanish culture is rich in history with its unique customs and delicious food. This lesson highlights the country's popular traditions, provides some interesting trivia, ending with an overview of the most delicious foods from Spain.

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