Ch 11: Food Preparation Safety

About This Chapter

Study brief, interesting lessons that teach you about the role of safety in food preparation. You can use these resources as a way to improve your grades, as a study tool for exams, or in your own kitchen!

Food Preparation Safety - Chapter Summary

How our food is handled, stored and prepared is almost certainly as important to our health as what we eat. Chefs and restaurateurs are particularly aware of this, as the food they prepare and serve is intended for the general public. In this chapter, you'll learn about foodborne illnesses, the laws and regulations concerning how food is prepared, the role of hygiene in food preparation, and how to avoid accidents when preparing food.

These short lessons are easy to fit into a busy schedule, and the thoughtful presentation and engaging writing keeps you interested. Expert assistance from our subject matter specialists is only a mouse-click away, while the lesson quizzes and chapter test provide a means of self-assessment. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define foodborne illness and identify some examples
  • Detail regulations governing food preparation
  • Explain the role of hygiene and safety procedures in food prep
  • Discuss the importance of wearing gloves while preparing food
  • Describe some causes of food service accidents and how they can be avoided
  • Summarize a case study concerning Chipotle's Food Traceability Program

6 Lessons in Chapter 11: Food Preparation Safety
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What Is a Foodborne Illness? - Definition and Common Types

1. What Is a Foodborne Illness? - Definition and Common Types

In this lesson we will discuss illness caused by consuming contaminated foods. This will include defining the little known difference between food poisoning and food infection.

Food Preparation Regulations

2. Food Preparation Regulations

This lesson describes basic food safety regulations that are required to be followed by food handlers when preparing and serving food. Temperature control, personal hygiene, and operational cleanliness are discussed.

Food Preparation: Hygiene & Safety

3. Food Preparation: Hygiene & Safety

In this lesson, we will review basic food safety guidance in a commercial setting. We will give special focus to maintaining a clean and hygienic food prep area, as well as storing, cooking, and serving food at safe temperatures.

Using Gloves in Food Preparation

4. Using Gloves in Food Preparation

Do you know why food workers are often seen wearing gloves? In this lesson on food and beverage management, we will learn about the use of gloves as a key tool to foster hygiene and health, and as a means to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Food Service Accidents: Causes & Prevention

5. Food Service Accidents: Causes & Prevention

There are many hazards within a food service establishment. In this lesson, we will look at some of the more common accidents that can occur and preventative measures that can be taken to at least minimize the occurrence.

Food Service Case Study: Chipotle's Food Traceability Program

6. Food Service Case Study: Chipotle's Food Traceability Program

This lesson will examine Chipotle's Food Traceability Program, which was put in place to advance the restaurant's commitment to food safety. It will analyze the need for this program, its benefits, and its relationship with Chipotle's mission of Food With Integrity.

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