Ch 8: Food Preparation

About This Chapter

Proper food preparation knowledge is essential for professionals in the hospitality industry. This convenient chapter can equip you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to advance your career, seek employment and strengthen your skill professional set.

Food Preparation - Chapter Summary

These short and engaging lessons provide a high-level overview of food preparation methods. Inside the chapter, you'll find short and engaging lessons that cover food preparation vocabulary, skills, equipment, safety standards and more. You'll also examine the basics of bartending and study the essential requirements of halal and kosher food preparation.

You can study this chapter in sequence or jump to specific topics that you want to focus on. Each lesson comes with a short quiz to help you ensure your comprehension of the material. The chapter is completely self-paced and you can access the lessons using almost any device that has an Internet connection.

How It Helps

Proper food preparation is essential for ensuring the safety of restaurant and hotel customers. These food preparation lessons can help a variety hospitality professionals learn or review fundamental food preparation methods, rules, equipment and more. If you're new to the industry, these lessons can equip you with the knowledge you need to safely prepare food. These lessons can benefit industry professionals who want to transition into a food service position and who need to demonstrate competency in food preparation.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Recognize different types of food preparation
  • Define prepared food
  • List food preparation terminology
  • Use basic skills for food preparation
  • Identify equipment that's used to prepare food
  • Consider food preparation regulations and safety standards
  • Know hygiene rules and how to use gloves while preparing food
  • Understand how to prepare halal and kosher food
  • Assess bartending supplies, tools, vocabulary and tips

12 Lessons in Chapter 8: Food Preparation
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Using Gloves in Food Preparation

1. Using Gloves in Food Preparation

Do you know why food workers are often seen wearing gloves? In this lesson on food and beverage management, we will learn about the use of gloves as a key tool to foster hygiene and health, and as a means to prevent food-borne illnesses.

What is Prepared Food?

2. What is Prepared Food?

What is the difference between food and prepared food? Does it matter? In this lesson, we'll look at the prepared food industry and see why this classification can be very significant.

What is Food Preparation? - Definition & Types

3. What is Food Preparation? - Definition & Types

Humans are the only living beings on Earth that do not exclusively eat food as it appears in nature. In this lesson, we'll look at the stages of food preparation and see what they mean to the culinary arts today.

Food Preparation Terms

4. Food Preparation Terms

Brushing up on your food preparation knowledge means having a solid understanding of important kitchen terms. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the key vocabulary terms crucial in food prep.

Types of Food Preparation Equipment

5. Types of Food Preparation Equipment

In this lesson on food and beverage management, you will learn about the different types of equipment used for food preparation, including essential knowledge of equipment required for efficient operation and management of food production.

Kosher Food: Preparation & Guidelines

6. Kosher Food: Preparation & Guidelines

Some dietary restrictions are personal choices; others are a bit more serious. In this lesson, we are going to review Jewish dietary laws and see what makes certain food fit to eat.

Basic Food Preparation Skills

7. Basic Food Preparation Skills

Understanding the basics of food preparation means acquiring some important skills in the kitchen. In this lesson, you'll learn more about some basic food preparation skills that will help at home or in a commercial kitchen.

Halal Food Preparation

8. Halal Food Preparation

For culinary arts students in today's world, halal food preparation may become a vital skill. In this lesson, we will examine this concept and see what halal cooking looks like.

Food Preparation Regulations

9. Food Preparation Regulations

This lesson describes basic food safety regulations that are required to be followed by food handlers when preparing and serving food. Temperature control, personal hygiene, and operational cleanliness are discussed.

Food Preparation: Hygiene & Safety

10. Food Preparation: Hygiene & Safety

In this lesson, we will review basic food safety guidance in a commercial setting. We will give special focus to maintaining a clean and hygienic food prep area, as well as storing, cooking, and serving food at safe temperatures.

Bartending Basics: Supplies & Tools

11. Bartending Basics: Supplies & Tools

A commercial bar must have a number of basic tools and supplies on hand to quickly and efficiently prepare customer orders. Quick service and minimal waste help a bar maintain profits.

Bartending Basics: Tips & Terminology

12. Bartending Basics: Tips & Terminology

In this lesson we will review some of the common drink terminology used in a bar setting and how when combined with a few personal bartender tips, it results in customer satisfaction.

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