Ch 32: Freshwater Characteristics & Processes

About This Chapter

Learn the different characteristics and processes that are seen in freshwater through the following lessons. Assess your progress with quizzes to see where you are at with your level of retention.

Freshwater Characteristics & Processes - Chapter Summary

With the lessons in this chapter, you can refresh your knowledge or learn new information in relation to freshwater. These are science topics that are important to know. In this chapter, you will review the following subjects:

  • Lakes vs. ponds
  • Types and function of wetlands
  • How rivers and streams form on Earth
  • The importance of groundwater and its role in sustaining life
  • Different types of wells
  • Classification of springs such as how they flow and how strong they flow
  • Important geysers such as Old Faithful

When you use the lessons in this chapter, it will deepen your knowledge of the topics listed above. After each lesson, there are self-assessment quizzes to test your knowledge. These short quizzes feature multiple-choice questions, and they give you immediate feedback. This allows you to quickly find out what you have successfully retained and what you have not. When finished with the whole chapter, make sure you take the chapter exam. This will test you on the material found in each of the lessons.

7 Lessons in Chapter 32: Freshwater Characteristics & Processes
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Lakes & Ponds: Formation & Features

1. Lakes & Ponds: Formation & Features

After reading this lesson, you'll see just how similar lakes and ponds are along with what differentiates them. You'll now be able to tell your friend whether the body of water in his backyard is a lake or a pond.

What Are Wetlands? - Definition & Types

2. What Are Wetlands? - Definition & Types

Also called Earth's kidneys, wetlands are dynamic and unique environments. Found all over the world, wetlands come in many different types and serve a variety of important functions.

How Rivers and Streams Affect the Earth's Surface

3. How Rivers and Streams Affect the Earth's Surface

Rivers and streams are powerful, ever-changing systems that can alter the surface of the Earth. While they share many similar features, they can be vastly different. In this lesson, we will learn how rivers and streams form, transport sediment, and flood.

Groundwater System: Definition & Geological Role

4. Groundwater System: Definition & Geological Role

Surprisingly, most of Earth's liquid freshwater is not where you might think! In this video lesson, you will learn about groundwater, as well as the important roles it plays in sustaining life and shaping Earth.

Wells: Definition & Types

5. Wells: Definition & Types

Wells are used all over the world and are an important source of water for many people. In this video lesson you will identify different types of wells, as well understand their underground source of water.

Springs: Definition, Formation & Types

6. Springs: Definition, Formation & Types

In this video lesson, you will learn about springs and how they form. You will also understand how springs are classified based on how they flow as well as how strongly they flow.

Geyser: Definition & Explanation

7. Geyser: Definition & Explanation

Learn about how geysers like Old Faithful create spectacular explosions of water and steam. Explore geysers from Yellowstone National Park to Iceland to the ocean floor deep under the Pacific Ocean.

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