Ch 5: FSA Grade 9-10 ELA: Citing Sources in Writing

About This Chapter

Review how to find and correctly cite sources in your writing through the lessons detailed in this chapter. Upon completion of this chapter, you will have the knowledge you need to competently answer related questions on the FSA Grade 9-10 ELA exam.

FSA Grade 9-10 ELA: Citing Sources in Writing - Chapter Summary

Correctly citing source material is an essential step in the writing process, one that, if neglected, can lead to unintentional plagiarism and the resulting consequences. Use the video and text lessons in this FSA Grade 9-10 ELA test prep chapter to identify ways to properly use and cite reference sources. This chapter includes topics regarding:

  • Using bibliographies
  • Determining when to cite sources to prevent plagiarism
  • Steps for making in-text citations and how to correctly cite online sources
  • Tips for using reference material and academic sources in your writing
  • Understanding style guides and specific formats, including MLA

The useful tools outlined in these lessons prepare you for citing-relating questions on the FSA Grade 9-10 ELA exam. Measure your comprehension of the material covered in each lesson by taking the brief multiple-choice quizzes. You can also take the more comprehensive chapter exam to identify any topics within the chapter you may need to revisit for better understanding. Use the direct links within the quiz answers to quickly and easily go back to specific topics. Instructors are also available to answer questions and help you fully understand the material.

8 Lessons in Chapter 5: FSA Grade 9-10 ELA: Citing Sources in Writing
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What Is a Bibliography and When Should I Write One?

1. What Is a Bibliography and When Should I Write One?

In this video we are going to cover what a bibliography is, why they are used, various types of bibliographies, how to create a bibliography, and when to know if you should use a bibliography.

How to Avoid Plagiarism: When to Cite Sources

2. How to Avoid Plagiarism: When to Cite Sources

Plagiarism is a very serious matter in both academia and professional writing. Plagiarism in an academic setting can lead to you failing a course or being removed from school completely. Plagiarism in professional writing can lead to being fired from a job or finding yourself in court being sued. Let's figure out how to avoid this issue!

How to Make In-Text Citations

3. How to Make In-Text Citations

With this lesson, you'll get to know the basics of creating in-text citations. We'll go over both MLA and APA style parenthetical citations and how to use them to cite different types of sources.

How to Cite Online Sources

4. How to Cite Online Sources

A large majority of research today is done online, so you'll need to cite web pages for your papers. In this video we will learn the proper way of citing online sources in both APA and MLA styles.

How to Use Reference Material in Your Writing

5. How to Use Reference Material in Your Writing

When it comes to writing an essay or a vast array of other academic writing projects, you will often have to refer to the works of others. This video will teach you the skills to use reference materials in your writing.

Academic Sources: Definition & Examples

6. Academic Sources: Definition & Examples

Find out what academic sources are and what to look for if you're required to use them for research papers and essays. Complete the lesson, and take a quiz to test your new knowledge.

What is MLA Format?

7. What is MLA Format?

MLA format is one of the most common structures for organizing a paper in academic writing. In this video, we will cover the basics of MLA format, focusing on citing within the text and creating a Works Cited page.

Style Guides: Formats & Examples

8. Style Guides: Formats & Examples

Find out what style guides are and what they're used for. Learn about types of style guides and which disciplines use them. Read the lesson and take a quiz to test your knowledge.

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