Ch 27: Function Operations, Limits & Properties

About This Chapter

This self-paced chapter offers you a quick and easy way to study function operations, limits and properties. These simple lessons and practice quizzes can be reviewed whenever you need to prepare for an exam, complete an assignment or refresh your overall knowledge of functions.

Function Operations, Limits & Properties - Chapter Summary

Complete this collection of engaging math lessons to review and retain information regarding function properties, operations and limits. As you progress through the chapter, you'll become familiar with a variety of function topics, including continuity, the intermediate value theorem, continuous function properties and function limits. By the end of the chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Solve problems by applying function operations
  • Determine function limits
  • Recognize and understand limit properties
  • Assess the properties of continuous functions
  • Describe continuity in functions
  • Understand the applications of the intermediate value theorem

You can access these lessons at any time, and they each come with a short practice quiz to help you reinforce your knowledge of function operations. If you have any questions, simply submit them to our expert math instructors online. Take the multiple-choice chapter exam, and use an Internet-connected device to access the chapter material.

6 Lessons in Chapter 27: Function Operations, Limits & Properties
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Applying Function Operations Practice Problems

1. Applying Function Operations Practice Problems

In this lesson, learn how to apply all the different properties of functions to solve complex problems. From function operations and composition to domain and range, get your practice here!

How to Determine the Limits of Functions

2. How to Determine the Limits of Functions

You know the definition of a limit. You know the properties of limits. You can connect limits and continuity. Now use this knowledge to calculate the limits of complex functions in this lesson.

Understanding the Properties of Limits

3. Understanding the Properties of Limits

Graphically we can see limits, but how do we actually calculate them? Three words: Divide and Conquer. In this lesson, explore some of the properties that we can use to find limits.

Continuous Functions: Properties & Definition

4. Continuous Functions: Properties & Definition

In this lesson, you will learn what a continuous function is and how to identify one by tracing your finger or pencil on a graph or by using three properties of continuous functions.

Continuity in a Function

5. Continuity in a Function

Travel to space and explore the difference between continuous and discontinuous functions in this lesson. Learn how determining continuity is as easy as tracing a line.

Intermediate Value Theorem: Examples and Applications

6. Intermediate Value Theorem: Examples and Applications

Many problems in math don't require an exact solution. Some problems exist simply to find out if any solution exists. In this lesson, we'll learn how to use the intermediate value theorem to answer an age-old question.

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