Ch 7: Fungi

About This Chapter

Enhance your understanding of fungi in the field of biology. Prepare for the MCAT with the study and practice you'll find in this chapter's video lessons and self-assessment quizzes.

MCAT: Fungi - Chapter Summary

Instructors will guide you in an intensive study of fungi. The Medical College Admission Test's (MCAT) Biological Sciences category will include questions on the following subjects taught in this chapter:

  • Basics of fungi
  • Plants and fungi
  • The fungi life cycle

In addition to the principle biology concepts you'll learn, the chapter's video lessons also offer techniques for answering the types of questions you'll find on the exam. This combination of practical scientific knowledge and test-taking skills can translate into solid scores on the exam.

MCAT: Objectives

To be admitted into a health professions program, institutions require scores from the MCAT. The multiple-choice exam measures your proficiency with scientific concepts critical to the practice of medicine. The questions mostly focus on the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that a successful health professions student would have. A firm grasp of standard biology and organic chemistry principles is necessary to perform well on the Biological Sciences portion of the test. Meeting the following chapter objectives can give you the background needed to answer questions dealing with fungi on the MCAT:

  • Categorizing the types of fungi
  • Identifying the characteristics of fungi
  • Tracing the evolutionary history and characteristics of plants and fungi

There are seven reading passages in the Biological Sciences section of the MCAT, and the 39 questions that relate to those passages make up the bulk of the section's 52 questions. The remaining 13 questions are about problem-solving skills and the research process.

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