Ch 2: GACE Physics: History & Nature of Science

About This Chapter

By using the History & Nature of Science chapter resources of our GACE Physics course, you will master your knowledge of all the historical background necessary to pass the GACE Physics Test II and the GACE Physics Combined Test I and II for teaching certification. Use our unique video lessons and self-assessment quizzes to help your understanding of crucial knowledge about the history and branches of the scientific fields.

GACE Physics: History & Nature of Science Chapter Summary

Use the lessons in this chapter to sharpen your knowledge of the history and background of the scientific fields in preparation for the GACE Physics assessments. Our video lessons are designed to help you prepare for the test by covering the following topics:

  • Grasping the complex nature of science
  • Learning the branches of chemistry and their historical significance
  • Understanding the historical events that anticipated advancements in the laws of physics
  • Detailing the unique history of physics and its modern theories

Our instructors will define and contextualize significant moments of scientific history in our efficient and accessible video lessons that make learning new material and reviewing previous knowledge fun and efficient instead of tedious and overwhelming.

Objectives of the GACE Physics: History & Nature of Science Chapter

GACE Physics test assesses your knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts in the physics field based on a 6-12 level of comprehension in order to determine your ability to teach at this grade level. The topics in this chapter will confirm and enhance your existing knowledge of the history of science as well as teach you new or unfamiliar concepts. Information about the history and nature of physics falls in the Scientific Inquiry, Processes, Technology and Society subarea and composes about 28% of this exam's items. The self-assessment quizzes that accompany each lesson will test your comprehension of the information covered in the exam and also give you insight to the types of questions you'll actually see on test day.

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