Ch 3: GACE Physics: Science & Society

About This Chapter

See how our video lessons and self-assessment quizzes can help you prepare for the test that determines Georgia state teaching certification eligibility in physics. By completing the lessons and assessments of this chapter, you will enhance your skills and improve your knowledge of related material tested on the GACE Physics exam.

GACE Physics: Science & Society Summary

Our instructors are qualified to help you prepare for the GACE Physics assessments by addressing the following science and society concepts:

  • Similarities among systems in mathematics, science and technology
  • Visibility of science in mass and mainstream media
  • Social impacts of advancements in science and technology in the modern era

See how text transcripts of our video lessons can be used as a guide to make your studying more efficient! Videos are equipped with our tagging system so you can directly jump to major study points.

Objectives of the GACE Physics: Science & Society Chapter

The material covered in this chapter relates to the Scientific Inquiry, Processes, Technology and Society subarea of the Test II portion of the GACE Physics exam (28% of Test II). It is designed to confirm and enhance your existing knowledge as well as introduce you to new or unfamiliar concepts that will be tested on the GACE Physics assessments.

Both Test I and II will assess your knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts based on a 6-12 comprehension level of physics in order to determine your teaching ability and eligibility to teach middle or high school science courses in the state of Georgia. You may use our self-assessment quizzes provided at the end of each lesson to test your comprehension of the information covered on the exam and also to give you insight to the style of questions you'll actually see on the day of the test.

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