Ch 13: Gary Paulsen Books Lesson Plans & Activities

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Access these convenient teacher resources at any time to plan lessons on Gary Paulsen novels. You'll also find supplemental lessons, discussion questions and class activities to enhance your literature lessons.

Gary Paulsen Books Lesson Plans & Activities - Chapter Summary

If you need to plan a literature unit on Gary Paulsen novels, take a look at these mobile-friendly instructional resources. Inside this chapter, you'll find a lesson plan outline for the novel Hatchet as well as fun pre-reading and class activities, project ideas, comprehension questions and class discussion questions that you can incorporate into your classroom instruction. You can use any computer or mobile device to access these resources, which helps you plan your Gary Paulsen book lessons whenever it's convenient.

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  • Student engagement: The chapter's Hatchet pre-reading and class activities will help your students have fun while learning about the novel.
  • Class discussion: The chapter includes comprehension and discussion questions that can challenge your students to think critically about Gary Paulsen novels.
  • Project ideas: Offers ideas for class projects based on the novel Hatchet.

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This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning Gary Paulsen book lessons easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific Gary Paulsen books you want to cover in class.
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  • Share the related Gary Paulsen book lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important literary concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant literature-related activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

15 Lessons in Chapter 13: Gary Paulsen Books Lesson Plans & Activities
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Hatchet Lesson Plan

1. Hatchet Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will discuss the plot of ''Hatchet''. Have your students read a text lesson on summarizing and analyzing Gary Paulsen's survival novel, then students can illustrate how they would survive in the wild with a fun activity.

Hatchet: Summary & Analysis

2. Hatchet: Summary & Analysis

This lesson will give background information about Gary Paulsen's novel 'Hatchet.' It will also give a plot summary and explore several themes present in the novel, a 1988 winner of the Newbery Honor for young adult fiction.

Pre-Reading Activities for Hatchet

3. Pre-Reading Activities for Hatchet

Gary Paulsen's 'Hatchet' is an exciting and engaging book for many students. This lesson offers select pre-reading activities that will help you prepare your students to successfully work through the text.

Hatchet Activities & Projects

4. Hatchet Activities & Projects

''Hatchet'' starts with adventure, but quickly turns into a book of survival tactics and techniques. The following activities will allow students to further explore the events and characters of the book while sharing their opinions and personal experiences.

Hatchet Comprehension Questions

5. Hatchet Comprehension Questions

'Hatchet' is an exciting survival story that can be interesting to explore with your student(s). Utilize these questions to confirm their understanding of the book, enhance their critical thinking, and build their literary analysis skills.

Hatchet Discussion Questions

6. Hatchet Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to engage your student(s) in analyzing the literary techniques, understanding character, and responding to plot and theme.

The Time Hackers Lesson Plan

7. The Time Hackers Lesson Plan

The Time Hackers by Gary Paulsen is a fantastic work of science fiction that is ideal for students who have recently advanced to chapter books. This lesson plan reviews key content from the book. An imaginative activity places students in a position to time travel!

Woodsong Lesson Plan

8. Woodsong Lesson Plan

Woodsong by Gary Paulsen provides a glimpse into an epiphany that changed the author's life. Students will explore Gary's memoir and also learn about the Iditarod. They will read a lesson, complete an activity and take a quiz.

Woodsong by Gary Paulsen Summary

9. Woodsong by Gary Paulsen Summary

In his memoir 'Woodsong', Gary Paulsen shares his experiences and lessons learned from running his sled dogs, and participating in the Iditarod race. Let's take a glimpse into Gary Paulsen's life in this summary.

The Voyage of the Frog Lesson Plan

10. The Voyage of the Frog Lesson Plan

This lesson plan explores theme as well as the use of concise and descriptive language in ''The Voyage of the Frog.'' The lesson includes small and large group work and a writing project.

Nightjohn Lesson Plan

11. Nightjohn Lesson Plan

This lesson plan may be used to help students learn about ''Nightjohn'' by Gary Paulsen. Students will answer questions about the story, analyze characters, and research topics related to the American slave trade.

Nightjohn: Summary & Characters

12. Nightjohn: Summary & Characters

Gary Paulsen's 'Nightjohn' is a middle grade/young adult novel about a twelve-year-old girl in the time of slavery in the American South. It is a grim story of heartache and punishment, but also a story of hope.

The River by Gary Paulsen Discussion Questions

13. The River by Gary Paulsen Discussion Questions

If your students are ready for a survival adventure, try 'The River' by Gary Paulsen. These discussion questions take your students through the story, the literary elements, and their personal responses.

Harris and Me Activities

14. Harris and Me Activities

'Harris and Me' is a book written by Gary Paulson that chronicles his own memorable adventures as a kid visiting his family's farm. The activities in this asset will help students understand and enjoy this story even more.

Hatchet Unit Plan

15. Hatchet Unit Plan

Hatchet is a stirring novel that will engage students as they connect with the main character. This unit will guide students through some difficult and potentially unfamiliar themes using discussions and hands-on activities.

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