Ch 10: Types & Effects of Genetic Mutations

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons on genetic mutations to learn how mutations occur, how they can be corrected and more. Each lesson is accompanied by a short multiple-choice quiz you can use to check your understanding of these genetics topics.

Genetic Mutations - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Every information system has its imperfections or glitches that occasionally arise, and you will soon understand more about that as you study this chapter covering genetic mutations. As you might already know, mutations in human DNA can lead to health problems or birth defects. However, not every DNA strand that experiences a mutation will end up causing problems because the body has ways of correcting some mutations. In these lessons, you'll learn about mutations and their effects on DNA and protein function. You'll look at the mechanisms of mutation and the types of point mutations that can occur. Our lessons will introduce you to an array of topics related to mutations in the genes, such as:

  • The basic causes of mutations
  • How mutations occur
  • What happens when a mutation occurs
  • How mutations can be avoided or prevented
  • How the body may naturally repair a mutation

Video Objectives
Point Mutations: Base Substitutions, Insertions, and Deletions See what genetic mutations are and how they affect DNA.
Effects of Mutations on Protein Function: Missense, Nonsense, and Silent Mutations Study how missense, nonsense and silent mutations arise from base substitutions.
The Effects of Frameshift Mutations: Definitions and Examples Explore how frameshift mutations arise from insertions and deletions.
Mutagens: How the Environment Affects Mutation Rates Examine how DNA polymerase corrects mistakes and how exposure to mutagens in our environment can be reduced.

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