Ch 6: Genetics & Molecular Biology

About This Chapter

Re-familiarize yourself with the structure and function of genes and DNA using the lessons in our Genetics & Molecular Biology chapter. Examine how genetic mutations occur and identify the various types.

Genetics & Molecular Biology - Chapter Summary

Strengthen your level of expertise in the study of basic genetics by reviewing these lessons on the composition and role of nucleic acids, mutations and gene expression. The lessons discuss the topics in the list shown:

  • Organization and significance of nucleic acids
  • Explanation of gene expression
  • Examples and impact of insertion and deletion mutations
  • Definition and role of restriction enzymes
  • Methods and applications of DNA sequencing and recombinant DNA

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7 Lessons in Chapter 6: Genetics & Molecular Biology
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Nucleic Acids: Function & Structure

1. Nucleic Acids: Function & Structure

In this lesson, we will explore what nucleic acids are, including the oozing bodily fluid they were first found in, what makes them unique from other types of biological molecules, and why DNA is called the 'blueprint of life.'

What Is Gene Expression? - Regulation, Analysis & Definition

2. What Is Gene Expression? - Regulation, Analysis & Definition

What is a gene? How are genes expressed? What does the term gene expression mean? Can we analyze gene expression? These questions will be addressed in this lesson.

Insertion Mutation: Diseases & Examples

3. Insertion Mutation: Diseases & Examples

Insertion mutations occur when extra genetic material is added to a DNA sequence. Learn about insertion mutations and some of the diseases they can cause in this lesson.

Deletion Mutation: Definition, Examples & Diseases

4. Deletion Mutation: Definition, Examples & Diseases

Mutations are errors in the replication of DNA. Sometimes a piece of DNA can be deleted from the copy, creating a devastating effect on the organism's ability to manufacture an important protein. This can lead to disease.

Restriction Enzymes: Function and Definition

5. Restriction Enzymes: Function and Definition

Restriction enzymes played a critical role in the advent of genetic engineering. In this lesson, you will learn what role restriction enzymes play in creating recombinant DNA.

DNA Sequencing: Definition, Methods & Applications

6. DNA Sequencing: Definition, Methods & Applications

DNA sequencing allows scientists to know the exact message coded in DNA. In this lesson, we'll talk about how DNA replication is the basis for sequencing, how scientists do DNA replication in the lab, and important uses for it in research and everyday life.

Recombinant DNA: Definition, Applications & Methods

7. Recombinant DNA: Definition, Applications & Methods

This lesson is all about recombinant DNA, which is DNA that has been combined from multiple sources. If you ever wondered about GMO's or how scientists are manipulating DNA to cure diseases, this article is for you!

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