Ch 15: Geometric Measurements in the Classroom

About This Chapter

This series of education lessons shows you how to apply instruction on various geometric measurements in the classroom. Use the chapter to review geometry instruction topics, improve your teaching skills and prepare for exams.

Geometric Measurements in the Classroom - Chapter Summary

Take a look at this mobile-friendly chapter to review instructional topics pertaining to basic geometric measurements, including area, perimeter, volume and surface area. These short and informative lessons show you how to integrate geometry instruction, games and problems in the classroom. Work through the chapter at your own pace, and submit questions to our instructors if you have any. The chapter is available at any time of day or night, and it includes interactive self-assessment to help you retain your geometry instruction knowledge. Completing this chapter can help you:

  • Teach perimeter, area, and volume effectively
  • Instruct students on angle types, nets and surface area
  • Identify fun perimeter, area and surface area games/activities
  • Use real-world geometry problems for area and perimeter
  • Assign projects that help students explore volume and surface area
  • Show students how to solve measurement problems and measure angles

13 Lessons in Chapter 15: Geometric Measurements in the Classroom
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Teaching Area and Perimeter

1. Teaching Area and Perimeter

Although students may not believe it, finding the area and perimeter of different shapes and objects can be fun. This lesson will provide strategies and examples for teaching these concepts to your students.

Area & Perimeter Games & Activities

2. Area & Perimeter Games & Activities

Try these games and activities to help students learn the meaning of area and perimeter, keep track of the difference between the two, and learn all the equations they need to know.

Perimeter: Real-World Geometry Problems

3. Perimeter: Real-World Geometry Problems

Watch this lesson to get some practice using perimeter in real-world situations. If you like baking brownies, you'll be able to use the math here to make your creations even more delicious!

Area: Real-World Geometry Problems

4. Area: Real-World Geometry Problems

View this lesson to see how you can use geometric area in real-world situations, like mowing the lawn or picking out which carpet installer you should hire. A quick area review and quiz are also included.

Teaching Surface Area & Volume

5. Teaching Surface Area & Volume

The mathematical concepts of surface area and volume are often taught in tandem. In this lesson, you'll find strategies for teachers to use as a foundation when instructing students in the classroom setting.

Volume: Real-World Geometry Problems

6. Volume: Real-World Geometry Problems

Volume isn't just a concept you use in textbooks! It's all around you in the real world. In this lesson, you'll work through two examples of real-world geometry problems and then get some more practice with a quiz.

Nets & Surface Area: 2-D Maps of 3-D Figures

7. Nets & Surface Area: 2-D Maps of 3-D Figures

Surface area can be tricky, but nets offer a quick way to be sure that you've accounted for each face of a given object when calculating that object's surface area. When you are through, test your understanding with a short quiz.

Surface Area Activities

8. Surface Area Activities

Help your students learn about surface area with some hands-on activities and games. They'll learn what they need to know, and remain engaged and interested throughout.

Surface Area & Volume Projects

9. Surface Area & Volume Projects

There are many surface area and volume equations students need to learn and use. Involvement in multi-lesson projects provides students with consistent practice to help these equations sink in. Check out these ideas.

Types of Angles: Right, Straight, Acute & Obtuse

10. Types of Angles: Right, Straight, Acute & Obtuse

Angles are everywhere. Learn about the different types of angles we use in mathematics, including right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, and straight angles. See if you can tell the difference with a quiz.

Classifying Angles Games & Activities

11. Classifying Angles Games & Activities

Whether your students are competitive or artistic, help them practice classifying angles in a more engaging way with a few of these ideas for fun games and activities.

How to Measure Angles with a Protractor

12. How to Measure Angles with a Protractor

You're surrounded by angles at home, at school, and even when you're walking down the street. In this lesson, you'll learn how to measure different angles using a protractor.

Measuring Angles Games & Activities

13. Measuring Angles Games & Activities

Measuring angles takes practice. Help your students get the practice they need by trying some of these games and activities focused on measuring angles.

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