Ch 6: Geometric Transformations

About This Chapter

This chapter examines different forms of geometric transformations. It includes lesson that define related mathematical terms while demonstrating their various applications.

Geometric Transformations - Chapter Summary

This chapter fleshes out several mathematical operations involving geometric transformation. They'll help your students to learn about key terms and functions while also seeing the action performed on a graph. A full list of topics covered includes:

  • Defining and graphing mathematical transformations
  • Mathematical reflection, rotation, and translation
  • Graphing reflections
  • Employing dilations to prove the similarity of figures

Using the practice quizzes that correspond to each lesson, your students can make sure they have one topic down before moving on to another. At the end of the chapter, the practice final exam will allow students to get ahead in their understanding in a more overall fashion. If at any point your students find themselves stuck, they can always ask our professional instructors questions through the teacher or help tab.

5 Lessons in Chapter 6: Geometric Transformations
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Transformations in Math: Definition & Graph

1. Transformations in Math: Definition & Graph

In geometry, transformation refers to the movement of objects in the coordinate plane. This lesson will define and give examples of each of the four common transformations and end with a quiz to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Reflection, Rotation & Translation

2. Reflection, Rotation & Translation

This lesson will define reflection, rotation, and translation as they relate to math. It will also show you an example of each one so that you can perform these transformations on your own.

How to Graph Reflections Across Axes, the Origin, and Line y=x

3. How to Graph Reflections Across Axes, the Origin, and Line y=x

A graph can be reflected in three ways - across the axes, the origin and the line y = x. There are specific rules to perform each reflection. This lesson will describe those rules and show you how to perform these reflections.

Rotations in Math: Definition & Overview

4. Rotations in Math: Definition & Overview

A geometric rotation refers to the rotating of a figure around a center of rotation. This lesson will get you going on rotations, give you some examples, and end with a quiz that tests your knowledge of rotations.

Using Dilations to Prove Figures Are Similar

5. Using Dilations to Prove Figures Are Similar

Similar figures have the same shape, equal corresponding angle measures, and have proportional sides. A dilation transforms the size but not the shape of a figure. This lesson will show how to use dilations to prove two figures are similar.

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