Ch 8: Geometry of Congruent & Similar Figures

About This Chapter

If you are looking for a study resource that can help you better understand the geometry of congruent and similar figures, you've reached the right place! Use bite-sized lessons, mini quizzes and other tools to grasp this subject and excel on a class test, project or assignment.

Geometry of Congruent & Similar Figures - Chapter Summary

This fun chapter enables you to gain full comprehension of the geometry of congruent and similar figures without setting foot in a traditional classroom. View engaging lessons anywhere you can access an Internet connection using your computer, smartphone or tablet. These lessons can improve your understanding of topics that include proportional relationships in figures, tessellations and similar figures. Find out how much you understand about these topics by taking mini quizzes and a practice exam. Once you've completed this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • List properties of congruent and similar shapes
  • Understand similarity in geometric shapes
  • Define and share examples of similar and congruent figures
  • Discuss proportional relationships in triangles
  • Provide the definition of a tessellation

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Geometry of Congruent & Similar Figures
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Properties of Congruent and Similar Shapes

1. Properties of Congruent and Similar Shapes

In this lesson, we'll look at triangles, rectangles and other shapes that share properties. This includes both congruent and similar shapes. We'll also practice identifying the missing properties of these shapes.

Similarity in Geometric Shapes

2. Similarity in Geometric Shapes

View this lesson to learn how you can determine whether shapes are similar. Find out how to use the one rule that tells you when your two shapes are geometrically similar.

Similar Figures: Definition & Examples

3. Similar Figures: Definition & Examples

Similar figures show up quite often in the world around us. In this lesson, we will discuss similar figures and their properties. At the end of the lesson, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

What Are Congruent Figures? - Definition & Examples

4. What Are Congruent Figures? - Definition & Examples

In this lesson, you'll learn what congruent figures are. You'll also see a few examples of congruent and non-congruent figures. Then, test your knowledge with a brief quiz.

Proportional Relationships in Triangles

5. Proportional Relationships in Triangles

The perimeters of the two triangles, corresponding medians, corresponding angle bisectors, and corresponding altitudes are all similar. In this lesson, you'll learn about some of the proportional relationships in similar triangles.

What is a Tessellation?

6. What is a Tessellation?

Did you know that most kitchen floor tiles are tessellations? Read this lesson and you'll find out why and how you can create and design your own tessellation using many different shapes.

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