Ch 19: Geomorphology of Arid Regions

About This Chapter

The short and engaging video lessons in this chapter are designed to help middle school students learn more about geomorphology and arid regions. They can explore videos about deserts and sand dunes and take lesson quizzes to assess their comprehension of the materials.

Geomorphology of Arid Regions - Chapter Summary

Use the video lessons in this chapter to help your middle school students better understand geomorphology and arid regions. In this chapter, students can watch the short lessons to examine deserts and their characteristics, as well as how the earth's deserts are distributed and how desert landforms are shaped by wind. The lessons also help students identify five geologic settings for deserts, analyze why human activity sometimes causes desertification and explore the characteristics of deserts in the Southwestern United States. Lesson quizzes are available to assess how well your students understand the materials. Links are featured in the quizzes that allow students to jump to specific topics on the videos.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
Earth's Deserts: Definition, Distribution & Location This lesson helps students define desert and analyze its characteristics. Students also learn about the distribution of the earth's deserts and identify five geologic settings for deserts.
Characteristics of the Deserts of the Southwestern United States Students discover the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range province.
Wind Action & Effects on the Desert Landscape Instructors show students how the wind shapes desert landforms through abrasion and deflation.
Sand Dunes: Structure and Types Students examine the structure of a sand dune and identify five types of sand dunes.
Desertification Caused by Human Activity In this lesson, students analyze why human activity can sometimes cause desertification along with what can be done about it.

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