Ch 17: German Conversational Terms

About This Chapter

Check out these engaging German lessons to brush up on basic German conversation vocabulary. You can access these mobile-friendly study resources at any time to prepare for exams, finish your German homework, boost your grades or simply improve your German language skills.

Who's It For?

Anyone who needs help learning or mastering German conversational terms will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. There is no faster or easier way to learn German greetings, conversational phrases, goodbyes and more. Among those who would benefit are:

  •  Students who have fallen behind in understanding basic German conversational terms
  •  Students who struggle with learning disabilities or learning differences, including autism and ADHD
  •  Students who prefer multiple ways of learning German (visual or auditory)
  •  Students who have missed class time and need to catch up
  •  Students who need an efficient way to learn conversational terms in German
  •  Students who struggle to understand their teachers
  •  Students who attend schools without extra German learning resources

How It Works:

  •  Find lessons in our course that cover what you need to learn or review.
  •  Watch the video or read through the text lesson.
  •  Refer to the transcripts or specific lesson sections to reinforce your learning.
  •  Test your understanding of each lesson with short quizzes.
  •  Verify you're ready by completing the German Conversational Terms chapter exam.

Why It Works:

  •  Study Efficiently: Skip what you know, review what you don't.
  •  Retain What You Learn: Engaging animations and real-life examples make topics easy to grasp.
  •  Be Ready on Test Day: Use the German Conversational Terms chapter exam to be prepared.
  •  Get Extra Support: Ask our subject-matter experts any German conversational terms question. They're here to help!
  •  Study With Flexibility: Watch videos and read text lessons on any web-ready device.

Students Will Review:

This chapter helps students review the concepts in a German conversational terms unit of a standard German language course. Topics covered include:

  • Basic self-introduction and conversation starters and phrases in German
  • Saying ''thank you'' and ''sorry'' in German
  • German greetings and goodbyes
  • German words related to phone conversations and etiquette
  • Friendly conversation words in German
  • Restaurant conversation terms in German

10 Lessons in Chapter 17: German Conversational Terms
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German Conversation Starters & Conversational Phrases

1. German Conversation Starters & Conversational Phrases

In this lesson, we will teach you some useful conversation starters that you can use to start a conversation, regardless of whether it involves meeting a new person or talking to someone you already know.

German Restaurant Conversation

2. German Restaurant Conversation

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at a common conversation that could take place in a restaurant. We will learn some of the German words and phrases you'll need, from ordering food to paying and tipping.

German Conversation Between Friends

3. German Conversation Between Friends

In this lesson, we will look at a few brief conversations in German that could take place between friends. This lesson will be particularly helpful if you want to contact a friend in Germany or understand a German conversation that is taking place.

Phone Conversation in German

4. Phone Conversation in German

In this lesson, we will learn some of the most used phrases used in a typical phone conversation in German. After that, we will take a look at two phone conversations, one formal and one informal.

German Phone Vocabulary & Etiquette

5. German Phone Vocabulary & Etiquette

In this lesson, we will talk about phones and phone calls. We will learn some of the words and phrases describing phones and mobile phones, as well as some general etiquette about talking on the phone in Germany.

How to Say Thank You in German

6. How to Say Thank You in German

In this lesson we will explore, in increasing complexity, the many ways to express thanks and gratitude in the German language. We will also discern between formal and informal expressions of thanks.

How to Say Sorry in German

7. How to Say Sorry in German

In this lesson we will learn German words and phrases that will allow us to excuse ourselves when we make a mistake, express forgiveness and regret, and say that we are sorry.

Common German Greetings & Goodbyes

8. Common German Greetings & Goodbyes

In this lesson we will learn specific national and regional vocabulary as well as some important facts about when and why to use certain greetings and goodbyes in Germany.

Self-Introduction Phrases in German

9. Self-Introduction Phrases in German

In this lesson, we are going to explore a variety of very useful phrases that you can use to introduce yourself in German. We are going to learn how to state your name, where you are from and how old you are, as well as how to give further information about yourself in German.

German Political Vocabulary: Terms & Meaning

10. German Political Vocabulary: Terms & Meaning

In this lesson, we will look at German political terms and explore their meanings. This lesson will help you better understand reading German political news or watching it on TV.

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