Getting Started with Homeschool


How to Successfully Transition to Homeschooling

Has your household decided to make the switch to homeschooling? Could you use some advice on how to make the transition as successful as possible? Check out our top-notch tips below.

How I Survived My First Year As a Homeschooling Parent

Homeschooling sounded like such a great idea, but a school year can be a really long time - especially the first year! Here's how I survived my first year of homeschooling our kiddos and what I learned along the way.

Top Blogs for New Homeschool Parents ranked the best websites and blogs in terms of providing information to new homeschool families, taking into account factors like quality, engagement and breadth of content. The sites appearing here were chosen from a shortlist of more than 400, covering a wide range of approaches to homeschooling.

The Top 5 Websites for Affordable Homeschooling has scoured the Internet for websites that are on a mission to make homeschooling more affordable. After searching through over 650 individual websites, we found 5 that we think are doing the best job of sharing and providing homeschoolers with free and low-cost resources.

Top Homeschool Blogs for Preschool Resources

After a thorough search of the online homeschool space, has found fifteen websites with the most comprehensive collections of resources and advice for parents of preschool children.

The Top 30 Homeschool Websites for Free Printables has searched high and low to find the best homeschooling websites that provide free printable resources for homeschool families. After reviewing hundreds of individual websites, we found 30 websites that we believe have the highest quality of free printables.

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Getting Started with Homeschool

Once you have made the decision to homeschool, the next step is to figure out what this will look like on a practical, day-to-day basis. Getting started with homeschooling may seem overwhelming at first, but with the appropriate knowledge and resources and a good understanding of how to use for homeschool the transition will be much easier.

The information in this section of the resource covers many of the important and pragmatic components of developing the homeschooling program that is the best fit for your family.

Whether you're excited to transition to a homeschooling lifestyle or concerned about how to actually start the process with your children, this section gives information that will help you get to grips with the important issues. You'll find information on topics from what a 'typical' day looks like, to how to pick a homeschool program that meets your child's unique needs. Students of all ages will likely have questions about what exactly homeschooling entails. Use these resources to talk through the process with your children and help to ease the transition for your whole family.

These resources are also designed to help you navigate your new role of teacher in addition to parent, helping you to contextualize and balance the demands of each role, a situation that some homeschool parents can find challenging. A key resource in this collection provides links to a handpicked selection of helpful advice from other homeschool parents - both ordinary parents and bloggers who use online homeschooling programs - which is an excellent starting point for any parent, and especially those who may feel dizzy at the sheer number of resources out there.

As well as a resource collection to help families navigate the tricky world of homeschooling, offers a complete online homeschool program. With courses for students in grades 3-12, the guesswork is taken out of choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family. Each lesson within a course is designed by teachers or education professionals who work hard to create content that is both informative and engaging. Lessons offer text and video sections and are accompanied by quizzes so that you can easily assess what your child has learned. Your children will be informed and engaged learners throughout the entire curriculum. All resources can be accessed via the website on desktop, or via the mobile app so that you can take your homeschooling program wherever you need to. Take a look at our testimonial page to see what other homeschool families think of the benefits has to offer.

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