Ch 14: Globalization & Organizational Change

About This Chapter

Check out this mobile-friendly business chapter to study the connection between globalization and organizational change. These fun lessons and quizzes are designed to strengthen your business knowledge for upcoming exams, projects or homework assignments.

Globalization & Organizational Change - Chapter Summary

Follow along with our expert instructors to see how organizational change has been affected by globalization. These bite-sized lessons break down the global landscape market and how organizations manage/adapt to global changes. Each lesson comes with a short quiz that covers important business terms and concepts. Take the chapter exam to solidify your comprehension of the material, and submit questions to our instructors if you have any. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the changing landscape of the global market
  • Assess the relationship between globalization and organizational culture/behavior
  • Explain how globalization has influenced worldwide change
  • Evaluate the ways in which organizations manage the effects of global change

5 Lessons in Chapter 14: Globalization & Organizational Change
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The Changing Landscape of the Global Market

1. The Changing Landscape of the Global Market

The global market is still developing, and a market that is developing is dynamic. The constant change offers opportunities and presents risks to countries and their domestic industries. In this lesson, you'll learn about some of these risks and opportunities.

Globalization and Organizational Culture

2. Globalization and Organizational Culture

Culture influences almost every aspect of an organization. Globalization is one of the forces that influences organizational culture, and in this lesson we will talk about just how globalization impacts organizational culture.

Globalization and Organizational Behavior

3. Globalization and Organizational Behavior

As the world around us gets smaller, globalization will be in more areas and impact organizations. Organizational behavior is impacted by globalization and in this lesson we will discuss that aspect.

How Worldwide Change Affects Globalization in Business

4. How Worldwide Change Affects Globalization in Business

In this lesson, we'll explore globalization with definitions and examples. We'll also analyze how global change relates to and affects globalization in business.

Managing the Effects of Global Change on Organizations

5. Managing the Effects of Global Change on Organizations

Global change and instability affect businesses in all industries and geographic regions. This lesson will explore some of these risks and qualify which changes are most likely to affect business.

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