Ch 8: Graphic Communication

About This Chapter

Use these lessons to refresh your understanding of how messages can be conveyed through visual means. See what can influence interpretation of this information, and learn how marketing utilizes graphic communication.

Graphic Communication - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our instructors explain how to use visual means to communicate information. You'll learn how perception and bias influence a person's interpretation of a visual message. Other lessons examine marketing techniques and how to appeal to a targeted audience. After completing this chapter, you should have a good understanding of topics including:

  • Ways to analyze graphic information
  • How visuals can be used in communication
  • The role of perception and bias in interpreting a visual message
  • Methods of delivering a message through visual media
  • Strategies for appealing to a target market
  • Stealth marketing
  • Ways of analyzing various types of graphic communication

These video lessons are not long, about five minutes on average, and you can watch them anywhere, on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Every lesson is followed by a short quiz that lets you assess your knowledge and determine where you need additional study. Every video includes a clickable Timeline that makes it simple to return to a specific part of the lesson for review. Other useful aids in this study guide include a sheet of quiz questions you can print out and use for offline study, along with a text transcript of every lesson.

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Graphic Communication
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How to Analyze Graphic Information Inside a Text

1. How to Analyze Graphic Information Inside a Text

In this lesson, we explore graphic information in texts. We will take a look at the types of graphics often seen in nonfiction, learn how to analyze them, and see how they contribute to the texts' information.

The Role of Visuals in Communication

2. The Role of Visuals in Communication

Visuals used in business communication can help with message development. This lesson will explain how the use of visuals can increase understanding, development, communication, and the retainment of a message.

Perception, Bias & Interpreting Behavior

3. Perception, Bias & Interpreting Behavior

Have you ever wondered why two people can experience the same event, but give two different accounts of what happened? In this lesson, you will learn about how perception and bias play a role in how we interpret our world.

Factors that Affect Interpretation of Visual Images

4. Factors that Affect Interpretation of Visual Images

This lesson explores how pictures, paintings, and photographs communicate meaning. We will discover the principles of visual literacy and look at how we use our personal experience and knowledge when looking at visual images.

Target Market Strategies for Successful Business

5. Target Market Strategies for Successful Business

If you've ever felt persuaded to buy an item by an ad, you've likely been defined as part of a target market. Though you may not know it, advertisements are created specifically for people similar to you. In this lesson, you'll learn how marketing firms identify a target market, create basic target market strategies and use a marketing mix for a product or service.

Stealth Marketing: Definition & Examples

6. Stealth Marketing: Definition & Examples

In this age of blatant consumerism, we are bombarded with advertisement everywhere we look. Marketers sometimes employ a questionable marketing tactic known as stealth marketing. Let's take a closer look at some of the stealth marketing techniques in use today.

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