Ch 13: Graphing with Functions: Homework Help

About This Chapter

The Graphing with Functions chapter of this High School Precalculus Homework Help course helps students complete their graphing with functions homework and earn better grades. This homework help resource uses simple and fun videos that are about five minutes long.

How it works:

  • Identify which concepts are covered on your graphing with functions homework.
  • Find videos on those topics within this chapter.
  • Watch fun videos, pausing and reviewing as needed.
  • Complete sample problems and get instant feedback.
  • Finish your graphing with functions homework with ease!

Topics from your homework you'll be able to complete:

  • Graphing basic functions
  • Factoring polynomial functions
  • Simplifying polynomial functions
  • Calculating slopes and tangents on a graph
  • Identifying horizontal and vertical asymptotes
  • Working with inverse and implicit functions

8 Lessons in Chapter 13: Graphing with Functions: Homework Help
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Graphing Basic Functions

1. Graphing Basic Functions

Graphs are just like maps - when you know the language! Review how locations have x and y coordinates similar to latitude and longitude, and how to plot points in the Cartesian plane.

Polynomial Functions: Properties and Factoring

2. Polynomial Functions: Properties and Factoring

Everything from projectile motion to trigonometric functions can be described by polynomials. Review factoring, polynomials and quadratic functions in this lesson.

Polynomial Functions: Exponentials and Simplifying

3. Polynomial Functions: Exponentials and Simplifying

How do we keep track of a rapidly multiplying population of bunnies? Well, those are simply powers of 2. Review powers and simplify problems with exponents in this lesson.

Slopes and Tangents on a Graph

4. Slopes and Tangents on a Graph

Hit the slopes and learn how the steepness of a line is calculated. Calculate the slopes between points and draw the tangents of curves on graphs in this lesson.

Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes

5. Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes

No matter how hard you try to get to them, asymptotes remain out of reach. Learn about these invisible lines on graphs that show you places your equations just can't go.

Implicit Functions

6. Implicit Functions

Sometimes inputting a variable into a function 'black box' doesn't yield a simple output. Find out what happens when you can't isolate the dependent variable on one side of the equal sign.

Data Set in Math: Definition & Examples

7. Data Set in Math: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, learn about data sets and how to use the operations of mean, median, and mode to manipulate the data. Then, test your knowledge with a brief quiz.

How to Graph y=0

8. How to Graph y=0

After reading this lesson, you will see just how easy it is to graph the equation y=0. You'll learn why the graph looks the way it does and how you can check to make sure you did it right.

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