Ch 11: Graphing with Functions

About This Chapter

Watch online math video lessons to learn methods for factoring and graphing polynomial functions. These lessons utilize engaging animations and graphics that bring these concepts to life.

Graphing with Functions - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Take advantage of the video lessons in this chapter to learn graphing basics for polynomial functions. Our instructors introduce you to some real-world applications for the slopes, tangents and asymptotes depicted in the graphs of quadratic functions, trigonometric functions and more. You can also get an introduction to the basic properties of exponents and the methods used to simplify or factor polynomial expressions. By the time you reach the end of this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Factor quadratic expressions
  • Simplify exponents in polynomial functions
  • Find the slope of a line and identify tangents
  • Describe implicit functions and asymptotes

Video Objectives
Graphing Basic Functions Review components of the coordinate plane, including the x- and y-axes, origin and quadrants.
Polynomials Functions: Properties and Factoring Learn what a polynomial is and explore methods for factoring quadratic functions.
Polynomials Functions: Exponentials and Simplifying Explain the addition, multiplication, division and powers properties of exponents. Use them to simplify polynomial functions.
Slopes and Tangents on a Graph Explore methods for calculating slopes and tangents on a graph.
Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes Learn to identify horizontal and vertical asymptotes.
Implicit Functions Explain the connection between inverse and implicit functions.

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