Ch 7: Grasslands Animal Facts Lesson Plans

About This Chapter

If you are teaching a life science course, you'll likely cover some of the various animals that live in grassland areas. The lessons and lesson plans found in this chapter are designed to enhance your instruction on this topic with lesson plan outlines and suggested classroom discussions and activities.

Grasslands Animal Facts Lesson Plans - Chapter Summary

This chapter contains lessons about lions, giraffes, hyenas, zebras and other wildlife that call grasslands areas home. Share factual information about these animals with your class, such as their eating habits and physical characteristics, and have them take the brief assessment quizzes to determine what information they have retained. You'll also find lesson plans that outline writing, drawing, competitive games and other activities that make learning about these animals fun and entertaining.

How It Helps

  • Learning objectives: Helps you satisfy learning objectives concerning specific animal facts and vocabulary words.
  • Curriculum standards: Ensures your grasslands animals lessons meets key standards for life science.
  • Student engagement: Provides video lessons and group activities you can use to keep students interested in the material being discussed.

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to making planning grasslands animals lessons easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific grasslands animals topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your science class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related grasslands animals lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important aspects of grasslands animals from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant grasslands animals activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

33 Lessons in Chapter 7: Grasslands Animal Facts Lesson Plans
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African Animals Lesson Plan

1. African Animals Lesson Plan

Teach your students about the animals of Africa with this lesson plan. Students will read a text lesson that highlights several unique African animals then use mapping and writing skills in a cooperative project.

Animals of Africa: Lesson for Kids

2. Animals of Africa: Lesson for Kids

Africa is a large continent that has many different kinds of animals. This lesson will teach you about some animals that you may not have heard of, how they live and some other interesting facts about them.

Baboon Lesson Plan

3. Baboon Lesson Plan

Baboons are very interesting animals to learn about. Your students will be entertained as they read about baboons, create baboon profiles and take a quiz about baboons.

Baboon Lesson Plan for Elementary School

4. Baboon Lesson Plan for Elementary School

In this lesson plan, students will read and talk about various elements of the baboon and its lifestyle. Students will complete a performance task by designing and constructing a baboon diorama.

Skunk Lesson Plan

5. Skunk Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is a tool for helping students learn about skunks. Students will read a lesson and answer questions that will enable them to differentiate types of skunks and describe the characteristics of skunks.

Skunks: Types, Behavior & Habitat

6. Skunks: Types, Behavior & Habitat

In this lesson we'll be exploring the stinky world of skunks. Here we'll look at types of skunks living all over the world, their behavior and the unique habitats they call home.

Armadillo Lesson Plan for Elementary School

7. Armadillo Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Teach your students about armadillos with help from this lesson plan. Students will read a text lesson about armadillo species, habitat and characteristics, discuss content, play a game, and do a project.

Armadillo Lesson Plan

8. Armadillo Lesson Plan

Explore the armadillo with your class through this instructional lesson. Students will use scientific terminology to describe the characteristics and habitat of the armadillo.

Armadillo: Characteristics & Habitat

9. Armadillo: Characteristics & Habitat

Have you heard of a mammal with a shell on its back? The armadillo is an interesting and unique mammal, and in this lesson we're going to discuss what they are, some of their characteristics, and where on the planet you'll find them.

Aardvark Lesson Plan

10. Aardvark Lesson Plan

This lesson plan helps students to better understand the characteristics of the aardvark. Students will learn to recognize how the aardvark's anatomy and behavior help the animal survive in its environment.

Aardvark: Characteristics, Behavior & Adaptations

11. Aardvark: Characteristics, Behavior & Adaptations

The African aardvark is a strange looking animal with some unique behaviors and adaptations. In this lesson, we'll dig into just exactly what an aardvark is and why it's so special.

Skunk Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

12. Skunk Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

Skunks are stinky little creatures that kids love to learn about. This lesson plan uses a text lesson to outline important facts about skunks. A fun activity will delight your students.

Giraffe Games & Activities

13. Giraffe Games & Activities

The giraffe is the tallest living land mammal. They are easily recognizable by their very long legs and necks. These activities and games were created to get students excited about giraffes.

Lion Lesson Plan

14. Lion Lesson Plan

How much do your students know about lions? This lesson plan makes sure the answer is 'a lot' with the use of memorable text and video lessons as well as an engaging hands-on activity.

Lion Facts: Lesson for Kids

15. Lion Facts: Lesson for Kids

Lions aren't just big cats. Compared to other members of the cat family, they are unique in a couple of ways. Here you will learn about some behaviors and features of lions that makes them so interesting and unusual.

The Food Chain of a Lion

16. The Food Chain of a Lion

This lesson is about the food chain of a lion. Here, we'll examine where lions live and some facts about these animals. We will also review what food chains are and learn what the specific food chain for a lion looks like.

Elephant Lesson Plan

17. Elephant Lesson Plan

What can your students tell you about elephants? This lesson plan uses a text lesson and a fun craft to help you educate students about elephants and their habitats.

Elephant Lesson for Kids: Facts & Habitat

18. Elephant Lesson for Kids: Facts & Habitat

In lesson, learn about the largest land animal on the planet, the elephant! Read about where elephants live, what they eat, and the different types of elephants. Then, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

Zebra Lesson Plan

19. Zebra Lesson Plan

What makes zebras so unique? This lesson plan uses an engaging and informative text lesson paired with a fun and enlightening activity to highlight key facts about zebras.

Zebra Facts: Lesson for Kids

20. Zebra Facts: Lesson for Kids

Every year, thousands of zebras' travel in a huge herd across the Serengeti plains of Africa in search of food and water. These social, strong animals have many interesting characteristics. Let's learn about them in this lesson on the zebra.

Giraffe Lesson Plan

21. Giraffe Lesson Plan

Do your students know that giraffes are a lot more than really long necks? This lesson plan uses an informative text lesson, measurements, and an art activity to drive home key points about giraffes.

Giraffe Lesson for Kids: Facts & Habitat

22. Giraffe Lesson for Kids: Facts & Habitat

Giraffes are a kind of animal with some special features. This lesson teaches you about giraffes: where they live, what they eat, and some other cool facts about this interesting animal.

Hyena Lesson Plan

23. Hyena Lesson Plan

What do your students know about hyenas? This lesson plan will help you make sure that they grasp key concepts about this interesting animal with the help of a text lesson, discussion, and an activity.

Hyena Facts: Lesson for Kids

24. Hyena Facts: Lesson for Kids

What do hyenas look like? Where do they live? What do they eat? What are their families like? This lesson will answer all of these questions and give you more fun facts about hyenas!

Coyote Lesson Plan

25. Coyote Lesson Plan

Do your need a simple yet fun way to teach your students about coyotes? This lesson plan pairs an informative text lesson with an activity to drive home all key facts about coyotes.

Coyote Facts: Lesson for Kids

26. Coyote Facts: Lesson for Kids

The coyote is not just any wild dog. It is found throughout North and Central America, and may even be a visitor to your neighborhood! Keep reading to find out more about this clever creature.

Safari Lesson Plan for Elementary School

27. Safari Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Take your students on a journey through the African safari with this lesson plan. After reading a text lesson about safaris, students will get busy with activities to explore key concepts. Finish with a quiz to determine understanding.

Safari Lesson Plan

28. Safari Lesson Plan

Learning about safaris provides a great opportunity to introduce your students to a range of animals. With this lesson plan, they will learn about the safari as they read and discuss a lesson, create a safari walk-through flipbook, and take a quiz.

Safari: Definition, Habitat & Animals

29. Safari: Definition, Habitat & Animals

Safaris bring to mind off road vehicles, bush campsites, and wild animals. Today, we're going to take an in-depth look at the unique habitats you can see on a safari and the animals that live there.

Giraffe Lesson Plan for Elementary School

30. Giraffe Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Why do giraffes have such long necks and tongues? This lesson plan explores the adaptations of the giraffe using a text lesson and an activity leaves students with a memorable takeaway.

Safari Animals Lesson Plan

31. Safari Animals Lesson Plan

With this lesson plan, your students are going to learn about mammals commonly seen on an African safari. They will create drawings of these animals in their natural habitats, and will present them in an in-class safari.

African Animals Lesson Plan for Elementary School

32. African Animals Lesson Plan for Elementary School

With this lesson plan, your students will explore the animals of Africa. They will conduct their own basic research projects, present on them, and practice using facts in a fictional writing exercise.

Meerkat Lesson Plan for Elementary School

33. Meerkat Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Meerkats are one of the most interesting animals to watch. Your students will have a fun time learning about meerkats as they read and discuss a text lesson, create meerkat fact booklets, and take a quiz.

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