Ch 12: GRE Quantitative Reasoning - Sequences and Series: Tutoring Solution

About This Chapter

The Quantitative Reasoning - Sequences and Series chapter of this GRE Prep Tutoring Solution is a flexible and affordable path to reviewing sequences and series. These simple and fun video lessons are each about five minutes long, and they teach all of the information involving sequences and series required for the GRE.

How it works:

  • Begin your GRE review.
  • Identify the sequences and series concepts that you're stuck on.
  • Find fun videos on the topics you need to understand.
  • Press play, watch and learn!
  • Complete the quizzes to test your understanding.
  • As needed, submit a question to one of our instructors for personalized support.

Who's it for?

This chapter of our GRE prep tutoring solution will benefit any student who is trying to prepare for the GRE and earn acceptable scores. This resource can help students including those who:

  • Struggle with understanding mathematical sequences, geometric sequences, or any other sequences and series topic
  • Have limited time for studying
  • Want a cost effective way to supplement their GRE preparation
  • Prefer learning GRE topics visually
  • Find themselves struggling with their sequences and series review
  • Cope with ADD or ADHD
  • Want to get ahead in preparing for the GRE
  • Need access to GRE prep materials

Why it works:

  • Engaging Tutors: We make preparing for the GRE simple and fun.
  • Cost Efficient: For less than 20% of the cost of a private tutor, you'll have unlimited access 24/7.
  • Consistent High Quality: Unlike a live GRE prep tutor, these video lessons are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Convenient: Imagine a tutor as portable as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Review sequences and series on the go!
  • Learn at Your Pace: You can pause and rewatch lessons as often as you'd like, until you master the material.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the basics of mathematical sequences.
  • Identify math sequences in everyday life.
  • Learn to calculate an arithmetic series.
  • Find and classify geometric sequences.
  • Explore the language of logic and its uses in mathematics.

5 Lessons in Chapter 12: GRE Quantitative Reasoning - Sequences and Series: Tutoring Solution
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What is a Mathematical Sequence?

1. What is a Mathematical Sequence?

A mathematical sequence is a set of numbers that makes a pattern and can be simple or complicated, finite or infinite. Explore sequences, terms in a sequence, and the different kinds of mathematical sequences, including the famous Fibonacci sequence.

How to Find and Classify an Arithmetic Sequence

2. How to Find and Classify an Arithmetic Sequence

Arithmetic sequences, the pattern of progressing numbers, can be classified by finding the difference between numbers in the sequence and then notating them into a formula. See the process of the two standard formulas used, as well as how to find them using terms.

How to Calculate an Arithmetic Series

3. How to Calculate an Arithmetic Series

An arithmetic series is the sum of the individual numbers contained in an arithmetic sequence. Learn the differences between arithmetic series and arithmetic sequence and discover how the formula for arithmetic series can be applied to real-life scenarios in the Michigan Stadium Solution.

Finding and Classifying Geometric Sequences

4. Finding and Classifying Geometric Sequences

Geometric sequences are made by multiplying numbers together in a specific and repeated pattern. Learn about the ways geometric sequences are classified and how to find geometric sequences using the terms of any two given entries.

Critical Thinking and Logic in Mathematics

5. Critical Thinking and Logic in Mathematics

Mathematics involves logic and critical thinking to make connections and draw conclusions. Explore how to use logic, propositions, true or false, and critical thinking in math problems.

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