Ch 6: Ground Water Systems

About This Chapter

If you need to improve your understanding of ground water systems for class or an upcoming exam, check out these informative environmental science lessons. This chapter also comes with self-assessment quizzes to help you practice answering questions about ground water systems.

Ground Water Systems - Chapter Summary

Review this environmental science chapter at your own pace to study ground water systems. The chapter consists of short lessons that highlight the most important terms and concepts related to ground water systems, including groundwater movement, wells, springs, sinkholes and caverns. You'll also examine environmental issues pertaining to groundwater. These study resources are designed to help you:

  • Explain the geological role of groundwater systems
  • Identify the factors that affect the movement of groundwater
  • Recognize different types of wells and springs
  • Evaluate current environmental problems that negatively affect groundwater
  • Understand how sinkholes and caverns are formed

These lessons are taught by expert environmental science instructors who break down ground water system concepts in a straightforward manner. This simplified instructional style helps you quickly take in the information. To help you remember what you've studied, we encourage you to try the self-assessment quizzes and chapter exam. You can also print lesson transcripts to study offline and submit questions to our instructors if you need extra help. You can study these lessons at any time that fits your schedule and use any computer or mobile device to access the chapter material.

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Ground Water Systems
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Groundwater System: Definition & Geological Role

1. Groundwater System: Definition & Geological Role

Surprisingly, most of Earth's liquid freshwater is not where you might think! In this video lesson, you will learn about groundwater, as well as the important roles it plays in sustaining life and shaping Earth.

Factors that Influence Groundwater Movement

2. Factors that Influence Groundwater Movement

The movement of groundwater underneath us is influenced by several factors. In this video lesson, you will learn what these factors are and how they affect how and where groundwater moves.

Springs: Definition, Formation & Types

3. Springs: Definition, Formation & Types

In this video lesson, you will learn about springs and how they form. You will also understand how springs are classified based on how they flow as well as how strongly they flow.

Wells: Definition & Types

4. Wells: Definition & Types

Wells are used all over the world and are an important source of water for many people. In this video lesson you will identify different types of wells, as well understand their underground source of water.

Environmental Problems Associated With Groundwater

5. Environmental Problems Associated With Groundwater

Groundwater is an important natural resource, but like many of our other resources, it's affected by the surrounding environment and human activities. In this video lesson, you'll learn about some of the environmental problems associated with groundwater and why groundwater is especially vulnerable to them.

Caverns & Sinkholes: Definition, Formation & Effects

6. Caverns & Sinkholes: Definition, Formation & Effects

Groundwater can have dramatic effects on Earth's landscape, both above and below ground. In this video lesson you will learn about caverns and sinkholes, both of which are directly related to groundwater movement.

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