Ch 3: Hamlet Lesson Plans & Resources

About This Chapter

Check out this collection of teacher resources to design fun and informative ''Hamlet'' lessons. This convenient chapter also comes with engaging class activities and essay questions to enhance your students' learning experience.

Hamlet Lesson Plans & Resources - Chapter Summary

Use these mobile-friendly lesson plans to design an engaging and comprehensive Hamlet syllabus. The chapter helps you plan lessons that address the most important elements of the play and engage your students with fun class activities. In addition to the lesson plans, the chapter includes supplemental resources that can help you:

  • Teach your students about the play's characters, themes, quotes and literary devices
  • Implement Hamlet pre-reading, post-reading, writing and classroom activities
  • Assign essay topics/questions regarding Hamlet's famous soliloquy or instances of human nature and humanism in the play
  • Test your student's understanding of Hamlet with thought-provoking questions

How It Helps

  • Learning objectives: Ensures your lessons cover the most important information related to the play's characters and themes.
  • Additional resources: Includes fun and informative video lessons that can be used to supplement your Hamlet instruction.
  • Student engagement: Incorporates engaging reading, writing and classroom activities that help students have fun while learning about Hamlet.

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning Hamlet lessons easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific Hamlet topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your Hamlet class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related Hamlet lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important Hamlet concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant Hamlet-related activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

32 Lessons in Chapter 3: Hamlet Lesson Plans & Resources
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Hamlet Lesson Plan

1. Hamlet Lesson Plan

Once they finished reading the play, did your students grasp all the important elements of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet?' An entertaining video lesson provides a solid overview of key points and role playing reinforces key ideas. Related lesson and extensions support ongoing instruction.

Hamlet: Beyond the Famous Soliloquy

2. Hamlet: Beyond the Famous Soliloquy

To be or not to be? In this lesson, that really is the question. Watch this video to learn all about Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's great tragedies. We'll explore its plot, characters and the meaning of that famous phrase.

Hamlet Pre-Reading Activities

3. Hamlet Pre-Reading Activities

If you're designing a unit on 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,' then you've come to the right place. This lesson discusses some pre-reading activities to prepare your students for reading this play.

Hamlet Essential Questions

4. Hamlet Essential Questions

These essential questions will help students understand the major ideas in Hamlet. They seek to open up discussion about the way the play addresses major questions in the wider world.

Foil Characters in Hamlet

5. Foil Characters in Hamlet

In this lesson, we will discuss foils in ''Hamlet'' by defining what role foils play in stories and then examining examples of them in William Shakespeare's play.

Hamlet's Soliloquy Essay Questions

6. Hamlet's Soliloquy Essay Questions

If your students are reading 'Hamlet', you'll probably devote some serious instructional time to analyzing Hamlet's major soliloquy. This lesson offers some essay questions that will help students deepen their personal analyses of the speech.

Hamlet's Madness Essay Questions

7. Hamlet's Madness Essay Questions

'Hamlet' is a play with so many different important themes that students can focus on. This lesson offers ideas for essays students can write about madness in reference to the play.

Metaphysical Questions in Hamlet

8. Metaphysical Questions in Hamlet

Throughout the play, Hamlet asks metaphysical questions that probe the nature of human existence, death, and the unknown. In this lesson, we will explore several types of questions he asks, including existential, ontological, and meta-fictive.

Thought vs. Action in Hamlet

9. Thought vs. Action in Hamlet

In William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' Hamlet is set on getting revenge. But when it comes down to it, he spends more time in thought than he does in action. Find out how overthinking cost Hamlet everything.

Who is Osric in Hamlet? - Character Analysis & Quotes

10. Who is Osric in Hamlet? - Character Analysis & Quotes

Although he speaks few lines, they serve well to define Osric's character in Shakespeare's ''Hamlet''. Osric is nothing more than a man who serves at the court because he has money. He represents everything that Hamlet dislikes in the royal court.

Sin & Salvation in Hamlet

11. Sin & Salvation in Hamlet

In this lesson, we will explore the theme of sin and salvation in ''Hamlet'' through the lens of the three moral contexts that inform Hamlet's approach to revenge. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to analyze Hamlet's delay in carrying out his revenge in light of the ancient warrior code and both Catholic and Protestant theology.

The Theme of Friendship in Hamlet

12. The Theme of Friendship in Hamlet

William Shakespeare's tragedy of ''Hamlet'' is about a prince who, while on the hunt for revenge, drives away all of his friends - all but one. In this lesson, we'll discuss what friendship looks like in ''Hamlet''.

Laertes Quotes from Hamlet

13. Laertes Quotes from Hamlet

In William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' Laertes plays an important role in the play. To get a better understanding of his character, we will take a look at some of Laertes's quotes and explore what they say about him.

Foreshadowing in Hamlet

14. Foreshadowing in Hamlet

Shakespeare's classic tragedy ''Hamlet'' is a complex and philosophical exploration of family relationships and loyalty. Many elements in the first half of the play foreshadow later events in the action of the play, adding to the mystery of the story for readers and viewers.

Hamlet: Lesson for Kids

15. Hamlet: Lesson for Kids

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in history. This lesson discusses the plot and characters of one of his most well-known plays, ''Hamlet'', about a young prince trying to avenge his father.

Flower Symbolism in Hamlet

16. Flower Symbolism in Hamlet

Shakespeare's ''Hamlet'' is full of references to flowers. Every flower mentioned has meaning, whether it be violets or pansies. Flowers are especially meaningful to the character of Ophelia.

Puns in Hamlet

17. Puns in Hamlet

If you are reading 'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare, you may have noticed that sometimes the speakers say one thing, but seem to mean something else. Shakespeare is well-known for puns. Read on to find out what they are and how they come into play in the play.

Hamlet Classroom Activities

18. Hamlet Classroom Activities

If you're using William Shakespeare's tragedy 'Hamlet' in your classroom, this lesson will provide you with some activities to use that will help students understand the plot, characters, and the big ideas of the play.

Expressions Originating from Hamlet

19. Expressions Originating from Hamlet

In this lesson, we will explore several recognizable passages from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' that pop up in everyday conversation. We'll learn about their contemporary and literary context, and discover the meaning of these phrases.

Post-Reading Activities for Hamlet

20. Post-Reading Activities for Hamlet

Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' is one of the most important works of literature your students will ever encounter. The activities in this lesson are designed to help them synthesize and analyze what they got out of reading the play.

Hamlet Writing Activities

21. Hamlet Writing Activities

Appreciating Shakespeare's ~'Hamlet~' requires effort and dedication. The writing activities in this lesson will help your students get as much as possible out of the play.

Hamlet Journal Topics

22. Hamlet Journal Topics

As your students read Shakespeare's ~'Hamlet~', it can be helpful to have them keep track of their ideas and questions in journal form. This lesson offers some topics students can write about in their journals to enhance their comprehension of the play.

Research Paper Topics for Hamlet Examples

23. Research Paper Topics for Hamlet Examples

As your students read Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' the completion of a research paper can both provide context for the play as well as deepen students' understanding. This lesson provides examples of research paper topics that will enhance your students' comprehension.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Hamlet

24. Argumentative Essay Topics for Hamlet

Argumentative essays are great motivators for students because they get them thinking about controversial themes. With 'Hamlet', you can give your students some very interesting themes to discuss. We provide you with a few themes in this lesson.

Polonius in Hamlet Essay Topics

25. Polonius in Hamlet Essay Topics

If you are reading Shakespeare's ~'Hamlet~' with your students, you might want them to think about characters other than the most central ones. This lesson provides essay topics that will help students focus on Polonius.

Hamlet Essay Topics on Poison

26. Hamlet Essay Topics on Poison

Poison plays a major part in William Shakespeare's ~'Hamlet~', and thinking about the role of poison can provide insight into other aspects of the play. This lesson offers essay topics that encourage your students to analyze poison in ~'Hamlet~'.

Hamlet Essay Topics on Ophelia

27. Hamlet Essay Topics on Ophelia

Ophelia is one of the major characters of 'Hamlet,' but she often gets forgotten in attempts to understand Hamlet himself. The essay topics in this lesson will help your students think deeply and critically about Ophelia.

Hamlet Essay Topics on Death

28. Hamlet Essay Topics on Death

Death is one of the many themes that makes Shakepeare's 'Hamlet' a special work of literature. This lesson will provide some specific essay topics that help your students focus in on death as a theme.

Hamlet Essay Topics on Revenge

29. Hamlet Essay Topics on Revenge

Revenge is one of the most important themes in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet.' This lesson will help you get your students thinking deeply about revenge by providing essay topics relating to this theme.

Human Nature in Hamlet Essay Topics

30. Human Nature in Hamlet Essay Topics

'Hamlet' can be an important play for helping students think about major themes in life and literature. This lesson provides essay topics designed to help students think through what 'Hamlet' shows about human nature.

Humanism in Hamlet Essay Topics

31. Humanism in Hamlet Essay Topics

~'Hamlet~' is a complicated play filled with so many different themes and ideas about humanity. The topics in this lesson will help your students zero in on the theme of humanism in ~'Hamlet.~'

Nutshell by Ian McEwan Discussion Questions

32. Nutshell by Ian McEwan Discussion Questions

This novel takes readers on a journey that mirrors Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', but it takes the story from a startlingly unique perspective. Use these discussion questions to challenge your high school students' thinking about 'Nutshell'.

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