Ch 4: Harassment Policies & Procedures for Supervisors

About This Chapter

In order to foster a safe, professional and productive working environment for employees, supervisors must be trained on the policies for handling harassment incidents if/when they occur. Using engaging video lessons, this chapter explains the procedures managerial employees should follow to issue a report of harassment and what to do after filing a report.

Harassment Policies & Procedures for Supervisors - Chapter Summary

In this chapter our instructors present the processes supervisors should follow to prevent workplace harassment from occurring and what to do when it does occur. Managerial employees will learn about the following:

  • Procedures for reporting harassment
  • How to establish a harassment complaint
  • The importance of maintaining privacy when handling harassment issues
  • Retaliation in the workplace
  • Prevention of workplace harassment

Engaging video lessons clearly illustrate harassing behaviors and lesson quizzes allow managerial employees to check their understanding of harassment issues. Comprehension of each chapter's key concepts is verified with chapter exams, and understanding of key course concepts is verified with a final exam.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: Supervisors need to be aware of their role in prevention and handling of harassment issues for themselves, their employees and the company.
  • Ensures compliance: By learning the process for issuing and receiving complaints, supervisors can ensure harassment procedures are followed closely and respectfully.
  • Emphasizes privacy: Managers who understand the importance of privacy concerns in harassment complaints treat these issues discreetly, to the benefit of the company and the employees involved.
  • Teaches prevention: By understanding and incorporating the principles taught in this chapter, supervisors will be able to mitigate harassment risks for the company and its employees.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, managerial employees will be able to:

  • Explain the proper procedures an employee should follow to report a harassment
  • Explain the procedures involved in establishing a harassment complaint
  • Explain the importance of privacy in handling employee complaints
  • Outline standard mandatory policies and best practices to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace from a supervisor's perspective
  • Define retaliation and explain its prohibition and the right of employees to be free from it

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